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cataloging 103.

Let's talk about catalogs for a second. Lately I've noticed they are getting more and more like mini home decor magazines however the best part, they are free!
I've said before how I somewhat "study" these catalogs looking for hidden items and ideas they may not necessarily be advertising for sale but I see them as good ideas to recreate.

First one I came across was the layered rug look.

Adds a lot of texture and interest. Potterybarn shows the idea here on an angle.

I came across it the next day in the Ballard Design catalog. Again with the neutral on the bottom layering in the pattern but this time without the angle.
This would be a great idea in a home office if you have a chair on wheels because the lower pile rug would allow for easier roll-ability (yes I made that word up, i think)!

Do you see what I see?

I see a rolling pin with twine wrapped around it. Great use for a rolling pin right! It allows easy access to snip off a piece of twine. Or you could use ribbon or butcher's string.

Functional design right there.

I dog eared this page for myself but wanted to share just in case there are any crazy magazine hoarders out there like myself.
I like the look of the wicker and wire baskets with a bunch of magazines in them. Keeps things clean and easy to find. I have magazines piled on my end table and on a bookcase but will be working on getting baskets for them!

I can't remember which magazine I saw this next idea in but thought it was a great idea to add a little touch of the unexpected to a bathroom.

Get 2 of the same size frameless mirrors in different shapes like these ones from Potterybarn and hang them over a double sink vanity.
They won't jump out as being two different mirrors but they could be different enough to add some interest and quirkiness.

This next item I'm adding to my want list! I'm sure you've seen those french cafe chairs usually in wood with a wicker seat.

Well I just saw them in the new Ballard catalog in metal and I'm LOVING them!

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cataloging 102.

It's been awhile since I've done some catalog inspiration design ideas, mainly due to the fact that I just don't have time to look at them anymore. I think I have about 3 months of Martha's waiting for me to flip through...shhh don't tell her! 
To checkout the first cataloging 101 I did click here.

I love when my mailbox is full of catalogs...fresh new ideas and loads of inspiration! 
I tend to notice stuff. Lots of stuff in random places. And those catalogs are hiding lots of little things just waiting to be discovered and recreated!

So here are a few that I'm digging:

Potterybarn is totally reusing this idea from a few years ago but I still love it. It's the giant glass vase filled with wine corks. The tags on the outside mark the years. I would love to meet those people and have a drink with them. They seem fun!

I see cool looking bird cages a lot at places like Homegoods. But what is there to do with it if you don't have a bird? Well fill it with old books or other collectible items (even a ceramic bird) and use it on an entry table or server or like they show it here on a sofa table. Genius.

(fun fact: this is the Sawyer coffee table by Potteybarn...Avery's middle name!)

Thats all for now...I'm off today on a hunt for some new furniture to transform as well as starting to search for a new mattress...ugh


cataloging 101.

I wanted to share with you my "technique" if you will for looking at my beloved catalogs. You know those ones that arrive in the mail every few weeks. You start flipping through it on your walk back up the driveway to the house because you are excited for all the new possibilities. Yeah those ones...

What I do is look at every catalog at least twice. The first time is a flip to check out the big stuff, the new furniture the new lighting all the new textiles. The stuff that is actually for sale.

Second flip is more of a slow scan. Every page gets looked over with a fine tooth comb. I look at all the decorative details, the staging and the styling. That's where the good stuff is people. It's usually the stuff that isn't for sale merely added to the photo as "fluff". I usually get some great ideas from there and I'd love to share my findings with you. Since my scanner is not hooked up right now because the office is in shambles I've grabbed some photos from one of my beloved catalog sites, potterybarn.

dining room photo (what I see)
A ladder hanging from the ceiling by rope with lanterns hung at all different lengths. This is a great idea if you want a chandelier in a place where there is no electricity in the ceiling. You'd just need some strong hooks to secure it to the ceiling and candles provide the light source.
Other options instead of the ladder: an old wheel or a shutter. You could also just hang the lanterns by themselves.

I also see architectural salvage posts leaning again the wall in the corner. Adds a touch of unexpected and gives some texture and whimsy to a formal space. Most people have architectural salvage shops in their area just Google!

living room (what I see)

Um hello...maps as roller shades?!?! Now that makes roller shades cool again! You could buy cheap roller shades and cut them off the top roller and attach your map instead, then use the hardware to attach to the window. Tie it up with twine or ribbon!
The lanterns behind the sofa; although I'm not quite sure what is in them it is a unique way of displaying a collection of something; a twist on the typical apothecary jar. Rather than lining all your shelves with your collection of shells or bottle caps or snow globes; place them in the lantern. Keeps everything together...less clutter, less dusting!

bedroom (what I see)

Okay I swear I didn't see this before making my Avery Tree. I think they got the idea from me (oh how i wish!) I like how they wrapped the plant pot in burlap. A good way to reuse something you already have that might not necessarily match the room. You could also use fabric for a fun punch!

outdoor space (what i see)

You want a cool space to hang out while enjoying the nice weather right? If you are in an open area with no trees or on a deck use drift wood (or birch branches) as your makeshift "trees" to support your lanterns (just dig them into the ground or put in a large outdoor pot or urn with big rocks for support).

I hope I inspired you to look beyond the stuff and get some cool ideas to try in your own house! Do you like this idea of me sharing things I see? Let me know maybe we can turn it into a weekly thing; checking out all sort of catalogs for inspiration.
Now I need to get out of this room I've been breathing in to many paint fumes...but I *think* the red closet is done...3 coats! We'll see what it looks like in daylight though...keeping my fingers crossed!
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