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DIY Christmas.

A few days later than planned and really close to Christmas I finally got a moment with all the chaos to post about some DIY Christmas crafting I've been working on for this year. Nothing spectacular but figured I'd share.

First up ornaments.

I bought 6 plastic clear ball ornaments at Michael's and Avery & I crafted with our thrift store $1 book and some mod podge....and of course glitter!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this one a month or so ago

Some we ripped and rolled paper and stuck it inside with some glitter. Some we put the book pages right on the outside of the ball and rolled in glitter.

I went to my scrap fabric for my next craft. I had some festive red dot leftover from Avery's birthday banner and just tied them around vases and jars and added a glitter snowflake. A simple little touch.

Avery and I also decorated out chalkboard wall one night. I drew, she erased...it all worked out in the end.
You'll notice I removed the "A" from "eat" to tie in a Christmasy saying.

Fun tip I heard from someone else on Instagram that if you wet the chalk before writing the colors come out brighter..totally true!

Next up, my twine trees.

I bought foam cones form the craft store and with twine I already had and my trusty glue gun. I wrapped and glued around and around and around. 

You can't mess this one up people. I also started a sequin one but ran out of length...maybe I'll finish it next year.

This last one I can't take credit for but wanted to share. My cousin actually made these log reindeers a few years ago for everyone.

Just a small tree trunk cut into 2 different lengths for the head and body. Then drill holes for the legs and antlers. Use thin branches for the legs and twigs for the antlers. And if you want to get fancy tack a small tail on too!

 We'll I've got some wrapping and cleaning and cooking to do. Tomorrow I'm delivering a piece of furniture so I'll try to snag some pictures of that before it goes back home.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


ghosts of christmas' past.

 So I've definitely dabbled a bit in the DIY Christmas Decor this year but before I shared those projects I thought I'd reflect on projects I've done in past years.

And maybe also I haven't taken any pictures of the new projects yet...so this is just me stalling time...okay.

Well if you didn't already know I love things with writing, fonts, script all that jazz. A few years back I made some tree garland with left over book pages I had from Avery's wall project and some twine.

To check out the how to on DIY book garland click here. It now adorns our railing mixed with greenery where we hang our stockings.

Last year my mom & I made "snow candles" + vases.
It was good clean messy fun.

I also Pinterest challenged myself to a DIY Christmas Decor felt wreath. I stuck with a neutral pallet but you could do any color way.

Lastly, I'm always looking for ways to display my Christmas cards in a fun way so we can enjoy them all season long. Last year I recreated my branch tree like I did with photos of Avery for her first birthday party and used mini close pins to hang the cards.

I'll be sure to dust off my camera and get some photos of the crafts I've been working on for this year and share them over the weekend!
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