10 minutes to spare.

Do you have 10 minutes?

Me neither but on the off chance your in the mood for a quick and FREE DIY task I got one for ya!

The other night I was in the mood to whip up a quick and easy decorative banner. I had my assistant helping me which I think may have added to it taking a little long than expected but it was fun to get her involved.

My color scheme inspiration.
(a picture I pinned a while back)

What you'll need:
paint chips (I got mine free @ Walmart)
hole punch
twine or string

I marked the middle of the paint chip and drew quick lines from the corners to make a triangle.
(I choose to keep the paint chip name and number but you could do it the opposite way to cut that part off)

Next up, cut, punch holes and string.

Ta-da! Sorry I took these with my phone...she is showing off her "surprise". Not sure why she kept calling it that but it was cute!

In other news... I was at Staples the other day for something and I had been excited to scoop out the new Martha line. Of course it is fab with all the pretty labels...but apparently they forgot to tell me Avery was a part of it!

{ha ha I wish right!?!}

We went on an "adventure" today to Bass Pro Shop to pick out Jeff's birthday present. I have to admit it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. We checked out the nature trail and Ocean Spray Cranberry bogs out back too!

Oh, I almost forgot...I ordered 2 of these chairs! I just couldn't resist!



I really almost feel over when I saw them...and there was a matching huge sectional!


What? Who? And Why? that's all I can say!



I'm just going to jump right into things here and pretend that I haven't been MIA for a month!

Sound good. Okay.

So this weekend our town is putting on a Pumpkin Stroll...lots of fun activities for the kids, some halloween fun and local vendors. Guess who is going to have a booth...


I'm starting to freak out. Maybe because I still have a few things to finish up or maybe because I'm nervous to be out in the open showing and selling my furniture and finds. I'm scared how people may react.

I know it sounds silly but I am... I'd love love love to have a store front one day and I feel like this is a stepping stone to see how things go.

So here are a few sneak peeks at the loot I'll be carting with me.

In no particular order.

All taken with my phone. sorry.

Part of the base of the dining table I've been agonizing over for the past few months...it's finally done!

Fun decorative odds + ends. 

Starting to distress a super fun piece I'm not going to share what it is but it's something I've never done before...it blue but you can't really tell from the picture.

This guy won't be ready for Saturday but I've started sanding down the top to it's natural wood. I'm kind of digging the look right now...but I think I have another hour or so of sanding.

Primed tall dresser....what color will it be?!

This is a fun one. I came across this decorative finial on clearance at Homegoods. I like the scale and shape but not the color...so I'm painting it!

I'll be sure to show off the end results.

In other news...

My "dining room" is still empty. So sad because it's one of my favorite rooms in the house. I love the feel and look of the Ballard Design cover so it's hanging in there for inspiration to get it done!  

I love carnations. No they aren't my favorite flower but the are affordable and bunched together in a tight clump the really look pretty.

Avery got some in her room today!

So there you have it I've been busy not only with all this stuff but I've picked up a few days of work at my old job temporarily to help out as well as my one day a week photo studio job. We just wrapped a huge 7 day shoot today so the timing of everything is a bit crazy.

And an early thank you to my hubby for taking Saturday off from work to help me haul all this stuff to the festival...and it's even his birthday! Thanks Crazy!
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