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Dropping in to say "Hi".
I was looking around at my blog the other day and besides the fact that a lot of things need updating I've noticed I've totally dropped the ball with DIY projects. I have a few planned and decided to mark them on my calendar..you know in hopes of actually accomplishing one of them!

On the RG Furniture front things are chugging along. I have some client pieces I've been tackling and a dining room table that has been giving me a run for my money.

It was all done.

The top was a really pretty whitewash/reclaimed wood technique. I went to apply the poly you know the kind that isn't supposed to yellow...well what did it do...yellowed my beautiful table top.

I had to step away before I took a hammer to it.

I was bummed.

I'm still bummed but that's all part of this gig. Experimenting.

So back to the drawing board. I haven't mustered up the energy or creativity to get back to it yet but I will. 

I've gotten back into Pinterest lately. There was a point where I just couldn't keep up but over the last week or so I've really gotten my creative juices flowing again and have pinned some great new eye candy.

And if you're on Pinterest and want to check out my boards you can fine me @ "Averybird"

Don't even know where to begin. The textures. The layers. The mix of patterns. The warm palette. Divine.

I saw this photo and did a cartwheel across the room. I've been torn with what to do in our empty room...or better know as the room I take all my furniture pictures in. I love that this is a dining space but relaxed and looks like it could be multi functional with the settee pulled up for additional seating!

Vintage cheese graters with candles. Nuff said.


Jeff has really gotten into fishing this summer. Avery loves it now too. I totally think I'm gonna DIY this for under the Christmas tree. We may fight over who gets to play with it first!


urban farm table.

I hope everyone had a great Labor (free) day! We enjoyed what I think will be our last weekend at the lake. Lots of relaxing, eating and drinking.

I photographed this new table before we went away but didn't have time to edit and post everything...so here she is.

I lovingly named her the Urban Farm Table.

If I had room for her I'd keep her in an instant but we have a couch with a silly chaise on one end and it would be a very tight squeeze...so I'll just have to live vicariously thorough whoever buys her!

Let's chat a little about this look. I love the look of a worn chalkboard. After working on the kids play table I loved the top finish and how it highlighted the wood grain...so I decided to experiment a bit.

I painted the chunky base white and lightly distressed it to give a more relaxed worn in feel.

For the top I painted two coats with my chalkboard paint. After that dried for a good day or so...I rubbed it down with some white chalk just like I did the kids play table and smudged it all in with my hands.

I then polyurethaned the entire table. 

{I should note I tried this technique on a test piece of wood first to see what would happen to the chalk and I was happy with the results.}

At first the wet poly makes it look like it washed away all the chalk but as it dries the white reappears. It all doesn't reappear though so once I let the poly dried for a good amount of time I went back over it with my chalk and smudge technique...and polyed again.

Two applications later I was happy with the results. It reminds me of a zinc top table. I love how the black is very dark and rich and contrasts with the white chalk that highlights the wood grain.

The baskets don't come with the table, just a fun idea for you to try at home! You could also use wire baskets or old crates to store magazines, toys or extra blankets.

As for the top of the table I "anchored" my grouping of decorative items with an empty vintage frame. It works because it is chunky and almost resembles a tray but you can still see the table top through it. A good way to gather all your decorative items together so your surfaces don't looked cluttered or unintentional. 

Other ideas would be to group items on a try or large coffee table book!
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