play time.

 I had a lot of fun refinishing this kids table! I spotted it at a thrift store and walked by it at first...made a loop and came back to take a better look.

I was thinking coffee table at first but the height was too high...then it hit me...it was the perfect size and shape for a kids play table.

It was pretty beat up and I knew I wanted to make it into something fun and unique. I ended up sanding down the entire top to the natural wood. I painted the apron and legs of the table in a soft grey and did some light distressing with my palm sander.

The table top got a few coats of chalk paint! Now it's okay for the kiddo's to draw on the table! 

Be creative and make a town for your trucks or a perfect spot for a tea party!

I toned down the black top by wiping on some white chalk and rubbing it in with my hands to look like those good old fashioned chalkboards we used to have in school!

The table doesn't come with chairs...however I can scout out and refinish some if someone is interested.

 If you want to find chairs on your own I sourced a few chair options. They have some great looking stuff out there for kids now!

Play spaces don't have to be filled with plastic...have fun with it and get creative! 

My favorites are these mini metal chairs from Industrial West. I'd love to have a few adult sized ones in my kitchen!


I found some classic painted wood chairs at Land of Nod...they also have some bright fun colors on their website.


PB Kids has a mix of the above 2 styles...wooden seat with metal frame.


Of course Ikea has the deal of the century. Imagine 2 of these mini wicker chairs pulled up to the table...the kids may never leave! You could accessorize with cute little throw pillows with the kids initials!

The table could seat up too 4 kids...and Avery has given it her quality test and she approves!!


Harbor Grey Nightstand.

A new piece has been added to the "furniture shop".

Such a camera hog, right?! She see's me with the camera and insists I take a picture while she shouts things like "pizza" or "cheese" or "fuzzy pickles"...(thanks cousins!)

Anyhow... enough of her cuteness onto the new goods.

I've been sitting on this nightstand for a little while now. It was a package deal with a dresser I picked up...it didn't match the dresser just an added bonus.

I scored some great paint in the "mismatch" section at my local hardware store. It is Harbor Grey by Ben Moore if anyone is interested. I love the subtle hint of grey but it doesn't shout out at you...but still pops out against a white background.

Some light distressing on the edges and molding details and some new hardware (one of my favorites...from the Martha Stewart line at Home Depot) and she shines up like a new penny!

Since there is only one it would be a great addition to a guest room or kids room. Or if you like the mismatched nightstand look (I do!) have it mingle with another piece that is similar scale and color for a cohesive look.


photo dump.

Not many words this week...but lots of pictures so I thought I'd do a photo post with a little bit of info mixed in between...

Avery had a blast the other week with all her cousins. It's so fun to see her play with other kids...she is still talking about them constantly...they live in Illinois so it may be awhile until we can see them again :(

Went to a farm last Thursday...got to see a lot of cool non-farm animals like a camel and bears!

We feed goats and miniature horses.
The goats tried eating the ribbon bow on the front of Avery's shirt...

she survived.

Forts are very popular in our house.

Jeff's a better fort maker than me.

Spotted a really unique lamp at Homegoods this week. $60 a pop.

Fresh cut Hydrangea's from my parents house...with a little birdie perched on top. 

No matter how many times I straighten this frame...someone's little hands make sure it is always askew...she's messing with me for sure.

Seven mile bike ride on Plum Island. 
Lots of birds. 
Great views...and water breaks.

 If you're interested I'm on Instagram. It was the first app I downloaded onto my phone when I got it.

I'm in love of course.
Beats lugging a huge camera around everywhere.

You can find me @ Averybird24


crate ideas.

It's no secret I love me some storage bins in all shapes and sizes. Trunks, cubes, wire baskets you name it...I'm drawn to it.

A long while back I spotted this amazing vintage toy box from Serena & Lily (enter the dollar signs here).

So I kept that in the back of my mind until I was ready to tackle something similar on my own. Avery has an ever expanding collection of books and she loves to read. Many of them make their way downstairs however she still had no place to store them in her room where it is safe and accessible for her to get to them.

I had seen the unfinished crates before at the craft stores and had a 40% off coupon to Michael's recently so decided I'd go for it. I bought one crate only having one coupon and it came to around $5. So what did I do...what any normal DIY crazy person would do...drive directly across the street to A.C. Moore and buy another one using the same coupon.

yes I did that.

I had some left over wood stain from the Maritime Dresser I did...so while Avery played in the yard I sat and quickly sanded and stained the two crates.

I didn't bother staining the inside bottom because I cut a piece of scrap 1/4" plywood to fit in there so no toys etc get caught in the slats.

Avery then had to run a few quality tests with some toys...

And a weight inspection.

After the stain dried with chalk I freehanded giant numbers on the front of them. I got some white paint and a foam brush and painted in the numbers. I didn't want perfect coverage as I wanted them to look vintage.

After the paint dried i wanted to tone down the stark white so I did another coat of stain over the paint and it gave it an antique feel.
(although I'm just realizing from this picture below it doesn't look that way...but it does in real life)

I also added some small casters I picked up at the local hardware store. They aren't near as cool as the orange ones from Serena & Lily but they work for me.

They've been loaded up with books and toy and can move around her room easily!

Total cost of the project was around $20 since i had a lot of the supplies. Beats the $100 plus alternative!
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