the traveling dresser.

Check out what's new in the RG Design shop!

The travelers dresser with really cool luggage pull hardware!

We have family visiting from Chicago so I'll be MIA for a week or so but I'll be back with a fun DIY project to share!


blue houzz.

I got an email a few weeks back from Houzz asking if they could write an article that I wouldn't mind sharing on my blog.
Well of course Houzz!
I have the app (kids houzz too!) on my phone and ipad and find myself scrolling them constantly for some visual inspiration. So here is Becky chatting about all things old and blue!

Hello everyone! My name is Becky and I'm a contributor at Houzz, a home design site focused on helping design professionals and homeowners manage the remodeling and decorating process. Thanks so much to Courtney for having me!

After reading Reckless Glamour, one of the many ways I feel simpatico with Courtney is through our mutual love of looking at a piece someone else has discarded and imagining a fresh paint job and some new hardware. In honor of that and in honor of summer's blue skies and visits to the sea, here are some favorite new paint-job pieces that the Houzz community has shared in a range of beautiful blue hues.

Using an unexpected color choice can freshen up a traditional porch. Bright turquoise ties the different styles of these chairs together and along with the table and buffet, transforms the whole group into a fun, vibrant set.

While I love antiques, I grew up with lots of large pieces in dark wood all around me. Now I'm not trying to put down lovely mahogany or cherry finishes by any means, but I love the energy a few coats of glossy cobalt blue has given this bureau. The doorknocker-like drawer pulls make it even more glamorous while still giving a nod to tradition.

Finally, if you're looking to add to your exterior's curb appeal, save that can of paint you used on the front door and use it on your outdoor furniture or accessories. While not all of us have room for charming benches like these, simply painting a few outdoor planters can have the same effect.

Thanks you so much to Courtney for letting me share some of my favorite inspirations with you today!

Find more inspiration from Boston interior designers and more design professionals on Houzz.


rye mirror.

New mirror up for sale!

For a sneak peek of the hardware I'm using on a new dresser check out the Reckless Glamour Facebook page!


the days events.

I figured I'd do a day in the life post. I like to know how people spend their days...I guess I'm nosey like that. I always wonder how moms who work from home like myself while juggling a toddler get anything done. Or do they? I feel like I don't.

Today is not a typical day. Usually my day consists of playing, snacking, playing, playing some more a few errands or cleaning up the house and around 7:30pm finally winding down for bedtime; for Avery of course. My night day is usually just getting started. I usually venture to the basement to paint, sand or prep something. Or edit photos or blog etc.

We wake up around 6:45 today. Avery has breakfast with daddy before he is out the door to teach a training at work...before his actual 10 hour work day...fun fun.

{all photos are taken with my phone}

She always puts her napkin under her bowl...to collect milk spills.

After breakfast I folded some laundry and found myself watching Curious George while Avery was off play "grocery shopping". Does that ever happen to you?

She has a donut and bagel in her hand to share and has been living in her backpack the past two days.

Time to head out to gymnastics class. We just started this summer program and she LOVES it. Today if you ask her what she did she'd tell you "horse, jumpy thing and kids"

Next up coffee and munchkins. A blueberry and glazed per request. Again she lays a napkin on her lap in her car seat.

We get home and fill up Riley's pool for him and check the mail. That is a daily must. I think she likes running down the driveway more then the actual mail part. 

Today a new Better Homes & Gardens came...yippy! 
So we play in the water and sit and snack.
I think I managed to look at about 10 pages today.

Lunch time.
Veggie quesadillas.

Clean up lunch and practice gymnastics in the living room.

We head upstairs to put laundry away. Like always Avery requests to jump on our bed. She tumbles around practicing somersaults singing songs from Annie. 
(I got her hooked she already knows them all!)

She then asked to go play in her bed (which is still a crib). No arguing that! Little Miss I don't take naps!

I put her in there with a few "babies" and some books and I went downstairs to take some pictures of a new mirror I just finished. (stay tuned!)

Nana is watching her for a few hours this afternoon so I can get some painting done.
Another snack in the car ride over. Man this kid eats a lot. At least she like healthy snacks!

I'm in the car alone. A weird feeling.
I blast Pandora! Listening to the Good Charlotte station today. I have lamps to return and a baby shower gift to buy. They are my second attempt at bedside lamps in our room. I like them just not in the space.

Of course I stroll kid free through the store. Nothing too exciting catches my eye today. I did however take a picture of a print to send to a client to get her thoughts.

Oh, I did buy something I'll be transforming for Avery's room. I'll share soon!

Savers (a thrift store) was right around the corner so I figured I'd run in there quick. I usually always fine some great things there...today nothing.

That's because you're supposed to be home painting Courtney.

Making my way "home" I pass a Goodwill. I can't drive by these places! Again I want to scope of the furniture and accessories. Again nothing. 

On my way out an article of clothing catches my eye. I have never shopped for clothes at Goodwill before but I have been desperately looking for pants and shorts so I figured hey, why the heck not.

I think I was in one girls entire donated closet. Tons of nice stuff from Banana Republic, J, Crew, Ann Taylor etc... before I knew it I had things to try on! Do they even have fitting rooms at Goodwill?! Why yes the do!

I ended up buying a pair of dressy jeans that I can wear with flats (score!) from Banana Republic for $2.50! They look brand new! I also got a cool J.Crew sweater and a pair of shorts!

At this point it was now 5:15...so I call Nana. We decide to do dinner at her house so I head back there. We eat, give Avery a quick bath and put her in jammies. I load her in the car and she was out like a light.

We got home and into her bed she goes. I head outside to play with Riley for a bit. He had a ton of energy he needed to burn off. It was dark and I was being attacked my mosquitos.

So here I am now sitting at the computer re-living the days events. I need to edit some photos and get a final coat of paint on a dresser. Yeah the same dresser I was supposed to be painting earlier today.

The hardware should be arriving tomorrow! It's very cool but very different.

Here is the actual shot that is our current computer background.

I think I'll pour a glass of wine and edit some photos.


kitchen wall reveal.

Remember awhile back when I decided to spice up my boring kitchen on a goose egg budget? I sold some items in the kitchen that weren't my taste...like the curtains and a open shelving unit and used that cash to fuel a little face lift.

I did an easy DIY letter project:

And some "clip art" wall art:

Bought a tacky gold frame:

Then I left you hanging...

On the other side of the opening I replaced the shelving unit with DIY open shelving.

And filled them up with a few decorative accessories and kitchen items I use often so they are less likely to gather dust. 

Below the shelves was a great spot for Riley's bowl. I removed the glass and backing of the gold frame I bought and hung it directly on the wall above so he would always know where to find his food and water!

Flour in the glass canister is easy to grab for baking and pizza making and the wood crate holds fresh fruit and veggies..since we don't have much counter space.

 I love how the black chalkboard paint makes everything pop off the wall now. 
So there you have it, my kitchen wall update. I still need curtains but haven't figured out what I want yet but I'm sure I'll be crafting something up for that too!

In case you want to check out the post with the before photos here you go:

About the shelving:
The brackets are from Home Depot @ $10/piece a little pricey buy worth it. The wood shelf is a 2x12 cut to fit our wall space. Everything was painted white and once we hung the shelves up we caulked between the bracket and shelving to hide the small gap and give it a seamless look.

Fun fact thanks to an episode of "Ask This Old House":
If you score a piece of wood with an exact-o knife before cutting it down the with saw it won't get those crazy frayed wood edges.


basket makeover.

Remember this 1980's Floridian inspired gem?

I snatched it up a few weeks ago at the thrift store. I managed to see past the salmon wicker and brought it home because of it's size and shape. I had big plans.

Next stop that day was the home improvement store. I grabbed two cans of spray paint. One white, one metallic silver.

I first did two coats inside and out with the white spray paint. Wicker is a little tricky because of all the nook's and crannies...it's like an english muffin with butter... you really gotta get it in there.

Once it had dried I used some newspaper and painters tape and taped off the top section because I wanted a two tone effect. Another two coats with the silver on the bottom half of the basket and I was done.

A cool new storage basket for extra throw pillows or blankets.

Even a stylish way to store all those toys and stuffed animals.

Now go look around your house for something to spray paint...it's a fun and quick transformation.


dining room mood board.

Hi All! Where the heck have I been? I have no excuses...the nice weather and a very busy 2 year old have gotten the best of me. I am putting along on projects just being lazy on the sharing end...selfish I know.

Oh I and I just realized I never shared the completed kitchen wall makeover. Shame on me and 10 points for anyone out there who even remembers what I am talking about. I'll try to snap some pictures in the next few days to share but in the meantime I have a fun Mood Board I recently did for Kelly's dining room.

She contacted me needing help to bring some color and life into her dining room (which has great potential by the way). She mentioned she liked eclectic with a traditional vibe and patterns such as chevron, suzani, etc.

Um, hello pick me...Love everything she was saying so of course designing the board was totally a fun challenge. Here are the before pictures of her space:

A blank canvas. But notice the high ceilings, beautiful moldings and double Palladian windows.

I also asked her to send me some inspiration photos and here they are:

And here is the design board.

A new table and chairs isn't in the budge right now but we figured out ways around that. Like switching in two head chairs for now and turning the side chairs wooden seats into upholstered seats with some foam, batting and fabric.

She is going to paint her existing hutch with a splash of red! And painting the table's black base is in the works.

I gave her 2 wall color choices. Will she go bold or subtle? Whats' your guess?

Subtle chevron patterned curtains to frame the windows and a neutral "patterned" natural fiber rug will ground the space and bring in loads of texture.

A new light fixture to catch your eye and draw you into the room. It will also cast some great shadows at night!

We're still hunting for some artwork but a vintage looking mirror is planned for over her newly painted red hutch, along with some fun accessories and a more contemporary lamp with traditional shape.

I'll be sure to keep tabs on how the room is transforming...and I can post the source list if anyone is interested.

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