paint by surprise.

Well, I think I've finally caught up to myself. I'm back and finally have things worth sharing!

I recently redid an old family dresser for a client. She told me to surprise her so with a swatch of her sofa fabric in hand off to the paint store I went. I was back and forth on a few options but settled on Chateau Grey. It's a greeny grey and I thought it was a nice complement to the color palette that was going on in her space.

I wanted it to look old and worn since it has been passed through her family for many years so after the painting was done I took my palm sander to it and went over the entire thing highlighting some of the original wood.

They took out the middle drawer and cut a piece of plywood to fit the bottom to house the cable box etc as this would be holding her television. Great idea right?!

Yes, I'm a sucker for cup pulls. I went with rectangular iron pulls with a hint of detailing to them and matching knobs. 

Avery was on the inspection crew making sure everything worked properly. Once we delivered the piece I found a few things she had hidden in the drawers...that little sneak!

I thought it looked great in the space and complemented the other pieces in the room nicely. I'm glad I got to surprise her and hope the dresser continues to get passed down for many more years! 


dropping in to say hello.

Just dropping a quick note to say I'm here. I guess if anyone was wondering. I feel like lately I've been going a million miles an hour doing a million things but still don't have much to share.
I promise I'll be back with more fun stuff as soon as this next week or so is over...and I'll have my hands on a shinny new iphone...which means I can share design inspirations with you on the go!

**also side note any bloggers out there get spam comments...like random things that have nothing to do with what you actually posted about? I just delete them and mark them as spam but wasn't sure if it was normal to get those?!

And for some eye candy; here are a few pretty things I've come across lately...

Anyone watch two and a Half Men? Since they redecorated the set they have a lot of really great items. One that tops my list is the new sofa...

collins sofa; restoration hardware

Wouldn't you want to have a drink at this cool restaurant bar?! me too, even though it's just from the restoration hardware website, ha ha.


Thinking of making something alone these lines for Avery's big girl room.

And if anyone is near or planning on visiting Maine anytime soon...check out this amazing restaurant my friend just told me about! We are planning a dinner date there...can't wait!

It's called Earth. Sorry these were the best pictures i could grab off the web!

be back soon. xxoo
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