where are all the toys?

It amazes me that in two short years our house has been taken over by toys. 

Now don't get me wrong I don't have a problem with it but after Avery goes to bed it is nice to put everything away and feel somewhat like an adult in a grown up space.

I decided a long time ago that I wanted hidden storage for toys that didn't look like Elmo's world. I love baskets and bins and cubbies and there are definitely plenty of pretty options out there.

Looking at my living room where we spend the majority of our time you wouldn't really know a 2 year old lives here.

At least not by looking at these photos...and NO it doesn't look like this all the time, I'd say about 5% of the time it's this clean...okay if I'm being honest maybe 2% of the time.

But taking a closer look, let's see what we see! You know like Where's Waldo...I love those books!

The top two favorite things to do around here are coloring and reading books! The books are mainly in her room however it seems every time we come downstairs a few more books come with us. I try to rotate them out often because there are a few that I have pretty much memorized. 
We do read 3 books every night before bed too. 
Yes 3 is that random? 
I'm an odd number kind of person. I set my microwave to random cooking times as well. Like Oatmeal is 1 minute 23 seconds and reheating my coffee cup is 17 seconds and heating up some leftovers might be 42 seconds.

Anyways back on track I got this cool wood bin at TJMaxx for $15 and it holds a tons of books for her. I usually just pull it out on the floor so she can grab books herself to read to her babies.

We don't have a coffee table. I'm sure most people with little ones don't. More room to play. Don't have to worry about flipping of the couch and smashing their heads etc. We also have a couch with a chase on the end. Originally we were thinking it would act as a mini sectional. It's come to be more a pain in the butt, we wished we just got a regular couch. We will someday. After the days of spilled milk and sticky fingers are over.

I scored this rattan storage cube at Target about 4 years ago on clearance for $4! It used to store extra blankets etc now it stores those big clunky plastic toys.

Finally I have this trunk that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I bought it before Avery was born for the nursery as storage. It did live in her room for awhile until I decided I loved it so much and it was a shame that we didn't get to see and enjoy it every day. So down it came and it holds all her other toys.
There is not safety on it so Jeff keeps saying he is waiting for the day the top comes slamming down on her hands but she is pretty gentle and careful with it. Again I usually just open the top up for her in the morning and it stays open all day for easy access.

So that's how I keep the toys under control. We do also have a playroom where she had a table and chairs with her coloring supplies and more baskets with blocks and puzzles etc.

Do you get creative with hiding your toys?


tis the season.

Photo shoot season of course!

This past weekend I had the chance to shoot three adorable kiddo's. Despite the drastic drop in temperatures back into what March really feels like these kids were champs dealing with my silliness and goofy requests.

Here is a sneak peek of a few of my favorites.

Oh to be a bad ass 13 year old.

That's better.

Toothless smiles.

Adorable outfit. Does it come in my size?

and the shoes....

What six year old doesn't love skipping!

Check out those eyelashes.

Laughing at mom.

I love this background. Think I may have to go back with Avery!


clip art.

So I thought I'd share another sneak peak and easy DIY project that I did on my kitchen wall makeover before I do the final reveal.

Like most walls in my house, my kitchen was empty. It's not that I don't know what I like because I do. It's that I like a lot of things and keep changing my mind so it's hard to nail down a final decision.

In sketching out my kitchen wall update it hit me, why don't I use artist clips. It's different and it allows me to switch things up whenever the mood strikes. So off I went to the craft store and got the last 3 artist clips they had ($1.49 a piece).

I was excited to get home and test them out. Up on the wall they went with screws and anchors since there was no stud directly in the middle of this wall. 

The clips actually hold a decent amount of weight. Right now I'm showing off a pretty cook book, a drink book and some magazine clippings. I could also add plates or recipe cards.

What do you think of my clip art? Any other cool ideas for easy wall switch ups?


a week in review.

In the words of Milli Vanilli, "blame it on the rain"....Well in this case blame it on the sunshine. It has been unseasonably warm here this week.... I'm talking 70's + 80's! 

My point being I've been pretty much living outside with my little lady. Coloring, pushing her on the "weeze" aka the swing, lots of walks and of course throwing rocks to Riley in his pool. All this activity has left pretty much no time for fun design stuff, but that's okay.

Did you know I've been sleeping with my new headboard for about a week now! Have I taken pictures and shared them yet, no!

Did you also know that my chalkboard wall is done? But have I taken and shared pictures of that either?

I also got a new rug (my third and I swear final) one for the living room! I'll be sure to share that soon too!

So in words that pretty much sums up what I've been up to or not up to depending on if you are a half glass full type...but I thought a few pictures of other happenings would be fun too...

Seven 30 racks for $5 a piece...apparently Jeff couldn't pass it up. I think we're good in the beer department for awhile. Does this mean I have to start watching Nascar? Ugh.

Scored a pair of nightstands that I am keeping for our bedroom! Beyond excited! Hoping to get them transformed this weekend!

I'll be sure to get some shots of all my projects over the weekend so I can share!


maritime dresser.

I lovingly named this guy the Maritime Dresser because it feels very nautical to me. Maybe a dresser that used to be on a boat or owned by a sea captain.

The dresser is antique and solid wood. I originally wanted to sand down the entire thing and do something a little different with it but there was to much detailing on the legs and trim that I would have damaged it with my sander so I stuck to just the drawers.

I painted the shell of the dresser white and of course distressed it to again highlight the original wood and show off the details.

I used a rich walnut stain for the drawers and I think it highlighted the original wood to perfection. You can see the beautiful grain in the wood and even see how the drawers were built and how they paid some much attention to detail. If you look at the 3rd + 4th drawer you'll see how the dark piece of wood from the 3rd continues onto the 4th. Such a nice flow.

I've been eyeing the antique brass Martha pulls at Home Depot for awhile now. I'm not a fan of brass but of course Martha knows just how to do it. I love the squareness (word?) of them and they were a perfect fit for the nautical feel of this piece.

I had fun styling it. That is on of my favorite parts because it brings the piece of furniture to life. When I start I never really have an idea of what I'm doing I just pulls stuff and play around until I feel like something feels right to me.

Here's a behind the scenes shot of the mess I make.

Here is the end result.

*tip: for styling furniture in your own home play around with scale, texture and unexpected objects. Snap pictures, looking at it in a photo you get a different perspective and better understanding on what works and doesn't work.



I thought I'd share a sneak peak at my kitchen wall transformation and share a fun little DIY project. I love letters and fonts... I was a graphic design major after all. 

I knew I wanted to incorporate some sort of text on the chalk wall. I had been eyeing these zinc letters from Anthropologie but at $18 bucks a pop totally not happening.
So I decided to get crafty. I went to Hobby Lobby to check out the different style letters thinking they may have something metal... no such luck. I ended up buying these hollow cardboard looking ones for $2.47 a piece. 

(she thinks I can't see her by the way...do you like her bed head?)

I then got out some paint and planned on painting them completely white until I brushed on my first streak. That's when it hit me. I loved how it looked messy by not fully covering the cardboard. It instantly made the letters look old and vintage and more expensive. Total happy surprise!

After they were dry and ready to hang I got out my picture hanging kit to see what would work best. Since the letters are hollow and very light I stuck a small nail into them to hold the circle hanger on. I then hung them on the wall with a flat push pin.

I've been checking them out now every time I walk into the kitchen because I think they came out so cool. 

I'll be sure to take better pictures once I get some of the completed wall. These were taken late at night, while I was standing on a kitchen chair that wasn't tall enough, while holing the camera over my head. Enough said.

Hummm, now I'm hungry for some ice cream.


Reckless Glamour is now on Facebook!

You heard read it first... Reckless Glamour is up + running on Facebook!

Feel free to "like" our page for access to behind the scenes happenings, DIY projects and inspiration ideas!

and because you can not have a post without a picture...

look what we found in the yard today!


chalking it up.

My kitchen is b-o-r-i-n-g. Nothing special about it at all. Builder's special type. 

Gotta love when a guy aka the builder chooses the finishes for a new house. You get something like light maple cabinets (okay so not too bad but I've been itching to paint them); grey laminate counters...yawn; grey linoleum floors (which always look dirty!) double yawn.
So we moved in almost five years ago. I had wedding money burning a hole in my pocket and I was excited to decorate my very own house. I painted my little heart out and I bought some furniture. Five years later I'm now coming into my own style and understanding what I actually like rather than doing the "oh that will fit there I'll buy it" route.

Okay, okay I'm getting to the point...my kitchen. I would just stand in there everyday glaring at it with disgust I needed to do something I couldn't take it anymore.
It was not me one tiny bit.

But what is a girl to do with no budget but a need to redecorate. 
Sell stuff to get new stuff of course.

Black shelf, sold it...$40. Not my taste.
Curtains black & white toile sold those too again $40 and again not my taste.

So that gave me an $80 budget to spruce up my kitchen.

Look at Riley sleeping amongst the chaos of a 2 year old tornado.

So this wall with the large opening into the family room was my target. My accent wall if you will.
(that's the Potterybarn Bellora Chandelier over the table by the way...I love it!)

First up I dusted off a quart of Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint I had from the office where I also painted a little wall.

Look how little Avery was, tear. She still LOVES coloring on the wall when I'm in here working.

So I painted two coats on the wall. Didn't take long at all. An hour and a half nap and another hour or so that night. (it dries super fast)
Avery helped me with a little bit. She only touched the wet paint twice.

I planned on toning it down by rubbing the entire wall with some crushed up white chalk but decided against it because I love it how it is.
I feel like it brought a sense of elegance to the room. Weird since it is chalkboard paint but it really did. It also grounded the space and gives it more warmth.

Cost of repainting the wall $0.
Stay tuned for more. Just waiting on some paint to dry and a husband with tools to help me hang a few things.


gearing up for a party.

I can't even believe that Avery will be turning two in less than a month! I feel like I blinked my eyes and she is now a busy independent toddler with a lot of funny things to say.

So turning two of course means time for another party! I originally was thinking of doing an Alice in Wonderland type tea party but decided I may wait on that idea for a few more years until she can fully understand and enjoy a tea party and dress up!

Inspiration sometimes comes in funny ways, this year for her party my inspiration of all things was paper plates! I was at Walmart and spotted these and immediately knew that was it. 

I love the fonts and colors. So the party theme this year is going to be a Curious George (her favorite!) inspired circus feel.
Do you see that from this or am I crazy?

I got the small plates, birthday napkins and red polka dot napkins at walmart. They did have bigger plates but I'm going to stick to plan white for those. The "spritz" cocktail napkins are from Target....they have some amazing party decor right now like cool colored plastic silverware and pretty tablecloths. I had to restrain myself.

We plan on having her actual party in the beginning of may in hopes of nice weather (like we had last year) so we can be outside again.
So stay tuned over the next month and a half for some fun party decor DIY!

In other news I've been working on a mini update in my kitchen that I should be sharing soon. Here is a sneak peek:

ha, ha does that scare you?!

I assure you it will be all good. Sometimes gaudy gold is a good thing!


red barn mirror.

I've had this mirror for awhile now but wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with it. I snuck it into my furniture mix this past week and painted it a beautiful shade of red. 
Like an old, chipping, peeling barn.

A perfect burst of color to cure your winter blues. And hopes that those beach days are not far with a few starfish resting on the nice chunky ledge.

The mirror has some unique carved detailing on the top which gives it some visual interest and rather than just being rectangle it gives the mirror a pentagon like shape.

Some light distressing. 

(If you peer through the tulips do you see who's hiding back there. He's going to his new home this weekend, I may shed a tear.)

Aren't my tulips super pretty! I love flowers in the house!

It's hard trying to get a good angle to shoot a mirror without getting yourself in the shot.
I call this one a self portrait.

Lots of fun stuff coming this week! Or at least I think so.


the king and I are in a fight.

I need some help and would love to hear your opinion...pretty please!

Okay so the bed makeover hasn't really been going as planned. To make a long story super short basically we were planning on building the Ana White Farmhouse Bed and instead of the paneling I was going to put fabric on the inside. This way it has the upholstered feel I wanted with the painted wood Jeff wanted. 

Well we planned and planned some more, measured and measured again got some wood thought things out, returned some wood and after all that we decided to make an upholstered headboard.

That is really what I wanted all along but I was trying to accommodate what he liked but then learned he didn't really care and said I could do what I wanted to do as he knows it is my "thing" so I am free to do as I please. Don't you love when husbands say that!
So moving ahead my fabric that I ordered (for $7.75 per square foot!) came the other day, and I am loving it!

It looks just like my inspiration photo. I fell like the headboard should be a bold statement so I wanted to mimic that feel and keep the rest of the bed neutral with pops of accent colors.

(inspiration photo...are you sick of me showing this to you yet?!)

So we are now building a headboard frame to upholster. I'll be sure to post a step by step on that once it is complete.

But here is where I need you. Which way should the fabric go?! Originally I was thinking vertical but then Jeff suggested horizontal so I tried that and like it too.

And please ignore the horrible photos and the screaming child. I literally took these a little while ago (you know the witching hour when we're tired and cranky and haven't napped). Yup, bedtime was 6:45 tonight!



So what are you feeling? What catches your eye? 

Or are you to distracted by my rockin nightstand/lamp situation I have going on? Ahhh I promise once this bed ordeal is done the rest of the room will go quickly and smoothly. No more hiccups.
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