I refinish furniture.
I find great stuff at the best deals I can so I can give it new life and pass it along to someone new at reasonable costs so they can enjoy!

Most pieces that come through the house Jeff asks "are we keeping that?" and as much as I would LOVE to keep a lot of the pieces I refinish because I just love them oh so much...I let them go to new homes. 
Gotta keep diapers on the kid you know!

As you may know I refer to the room that I shoot a lot of my stuff in as the "dining room" however no dining has ever taken place in there.

Better yet there is no furniture.

I have a vision and being a bargain hunter I wait until I come across a great deal.

Enter this beauty.

Unexpectedly, I came across this campaign dresser + open shelf on Craigslist and I HAD to have it! I frantically called the number and a few days later it was in my truck! Mind you we had to slide Avery's carseat over to the side for it to fit as she was sleeping in it but you gotta do what you gotta do for a deal!

I plan on painting it white. Keeping it clean + classic. Highlighting the hardware that is just awesomeness!

I splurged on this one and negotiated it down to $90. Yes it doesn't seem like much but like I said the reason I can sell my pieces are reasonable prices is I hunt for the best deals and the best quality.
But I figured since I'm keeping it and I'm free labor it all evens out.

The back panel is cheap stuff so I plan on ripping that out and replacing it with wood or bead board.

In the meantime before I paint I sourced a few pieces for inspiration. What do you think?!
You digging the bold colors, the white, the natural wood?

This pink one is actually an Ikea dresser transformed to look like a campaign!

As for the behind the scenes stuff when I'm shooting. On this particular day I had a photographer in training. I love that you can see her eyes through the viewfinder. She cracks me up mimicking everything I do and say.

Maybe I'll get to the transformation over the Thanksgiving break. Maybe.


Luisa said...

Ohhhh what a great find!!! I love repainting furniture I've been doing a lot of that this fall and got to keep all my pieces hope I can share them soon on my blog.
Can't wait to see your old to new creation :)

Bella Michelle said...

I just found your blog via a pin on Pinterest of your Fire Log and I am so glad I did! You have a great eye and I can't wait to read about (and see) more of your work!

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