bar cabinet.

If you've visited my furniture page recently you'll notice some new pieces I haven't chatted about yet. Shame on me but I just can't seem to keep up with myself these days.


So although this one is already spoken for I wanted to show some photos and talk about it quick since I did have time to at least take pictures.

This guy actually started out as a gun cabinet. Yes that's right it had a gun rack and all. I've actually been searching for something like this for a long time but have only come across really ugly curio cabinets so when I saw this one I knew I had to take a shot. (haha get it!)

I removed the bracket that they leaned on and all the hooks etc. As for the bottom slots I knew I wanted to add a few more shelves to the cabinet so I just covered the bottom with a piece of wood that Jeff screwed down for me.

 I wanted to paint the inside a nice clean crisp white so it displayed decorative items nicely.

My first though, a bar cabinet. You could even attach one of those under cabinet wine rack to store glasses.

If you're looking for a cheap way to decorate a kitchen or dining space pick up a few of these at the grocery store! Mine are on my kitchen wall shelves.

I scored some paper straws the other week @ Homegoods for $3. Another cheap and easy decorative item. Avery had to try one out with lunch one day.

Another thought for the cabinet would be to store linens. I pinned this photo awhile back, actually this is what started my hunt for a glass front cabinet.

So I switched up my accessories for a spa feel.

It would be awesome to have a great big bathroom that I could put furniture in! I will have to recreate this for myself one day.

 I'm working on a "virtual blog sale" post with a bunch of items I have collected over time on my adventures. I'm hoping to get that up by the beginning of the week.


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