party crashing.

 Not only do I love a good party, but I love crashing a good party. No, I'm not talking Wedding Crashers style, I'm talking party decor crashing!

Here are the suspects. It's Emma's 3rd birthday.
(such a cute family right!)

The theme was geared around the Olivia book's about the little pig. How cute are the invites! Unfortunately we couldn't attend because they don't live close...but we're hoping they move back to New England soon!

Look who was waiting to greet the guest as they arrived!

Now what's a party without a yummy table filled with treats!

 I love the glass bottles with the striped paper straws! I'm sure they were filled up with milk to go along with those tasty looking cupcakes!

 Olivia (the pig) has rules to follow...so at the party a few of her "Rules of Life" were displayed. The pom poms were made out of cupcake holders stuck onto different sized styrofoam balls, genius.

I am totally digging the garland. It is made from a few yards of fabric cut to 1.5 inch strips and just ties on a rope. I love the look...now she can add some green and use it as Christmas decor.

There was also lots of fun things for the kids to do and everyone got to take home a personalized apron and play-doh.

I hope you enjoyed crashing this 3 year old birthday party as much as I did!


a quick tour of my new digs.

I hope you've noticed the new design over here @ Reckless Glamour! The changes reflect more who I am and I've made the blog easier to navigate around!

I have a true love for creating and designing spaces to live in that are a true reflection of that person. I've been designing for as long as I can remember. My mom would come in my room at 2 o'clock in the morning to find me rearranging everything and my parents were so gracious in letting me paint and re-paint my room so I could have that perfect space...and believe me some of those color choices were BRIGHT!
I've been designing and decorating for friends and family for awhile so "rg design" was born to help others get that extra push they need to help transform their thoughts and ideas into a space that reflects them.

The new DIY tab makes it easier to search ideas and click through to the how-to.

The Photography link gives some sample work with a link bringing you to the full original post with more images.
The Furniture shop currently only showcases my sold archives however it will be updated to showcase what is for sale as well. I also have a mailing list for people who are interested in getting a first glimpse at the pieces for sale, so if you are interested in joining the list simply email me at recklessglamourdesign (at) gmail (dot) com and put "Mailing List" in the subject line.

I've been doing a lot of client pieces recently so there hasn't been much for the shop however I have a few pieces waiting in my studio for there transformation!

Hope you like the new design & layout as much as I do! I look forward to continue doing what I love and sharing it with you because I know I love getting inspired from others as well. It makes me smile.

Okay end of my cheesiness!


new design!

Yeah my new blog layout just got installed courtesy Christine @ Smitten Blog Designs! I have a few layout changes I'll be tweaking then I'll be sure to give you a "tour" of my new digs!


mood board challange.

The holidays means putting in some quality man hours at those dining room tables. To me it's all about catching up with friends and family while enjoying some good wine and good food. So in spirit of the holiday season fast approaching, Sarah over at Pewter & Sage is hosting another Mood Board Monday Challenge featuring dinnerware! Of course I wanted in on the fun!

Here are the contenders we had to choose from:

West Elm


Lenox Simply Fine Dinnerware, available at Macy's


I ended up choosing the "Dolly" Dinnerware from Anthro. I just couldn't resist their beauty and that texture! I think I'll be adding some of the smaller salad plates to my Christmas Wist List! (although I'm a huge fan of the David Stark ones from West Elm too but those are sold out last I checked!)

I'm all for color and design but I love clean white dinnerware because it is so versatile and allows you to create so many table designs throughout all the seasons.
Here is the mood board I designed:

A little out of my norm but I'm digging it. I decided that it isn't everyday that you spend in your dining room so why not step outside of your comfort zone a bit and try something a little different.
 My jumping off point (besides the plates) was the dining table from Ballard Design. I just love the aged feel of the base with the galvanized top. At that point I still wasn't sure where I was headed until I came across the amazing Ikat rug from ABC Home. Um hello... the colors, the pattern...it is like art for your floor!
 I then knew I didn't want anything to be competing with the vibrant rug so I decided to use a complementary tone...enter mint green. I'm a big fan of mixing up chairs so after I came across the weathered rattan arm chairs (accessorized with a throw pillow of course!) I sourced some mint green Marais A Chairs.
The mint green chair reminded me of milk glass so I then thought to myself hummm, maybe a milk glass chandelier and what do you know that damn Martha Stewart created a beautiful one (although it doesn't seem to be in stock anymore).
I'm not a fan of table clothes and since my table is metal you can't really do much damage to it anyways; so for my table setting I choose some awesome wood grain place mats (I've seen one in person and had to touch it because it looked so real but it's just a screen print). To bring in another hint of color and quirkiness I decided tie dyed napkins were the way to go (fun DIY project on my to do list now too!)

I hope you enjoy it, it was really fun to make! Make sure to check out the other boards people have posted over at Pewter & Sage for some more design inspiration! 

Source List:



chevron side table.

I was driving home from Target one afternoon after loading up on the usual diapers and such when I'm pretty sure my car came to a screeching halt and pulled itself over at a yard sale because of this little table. I had never seen anything like it and I knew I had to have it. 

Not having any cash on me I told the nice old man I'd be right back. So I flew to the ATM and quickly returned...he told me he was surprised I came back. I thought to myself really guy, really?! Don't you see the potential of this diamond in the ruff....of course I'd be back! So I loaded it up and off I went!

It was an old dark wood table but with the pedestal base and square top I had never seen anything like it before. I knew right away I would refinish it for a friend as a house warming gift (Hi Vicky!) I wanted to keep it somewhat neutral but still young and funky as this was their first house and they don't really have anything that is "theirs" yet, just things that are borrowed and hand me downs.
I think grey is such a pretty neutral so I mixed up my own soft shade and created a chevron stencil pattern for the table top.

I lightly distressed the base by hand and used the electric hand sander on the top to create a soft weathered look.

I love the outcome and I think it is such a unique piece that no one else will have in their new home!
I apologize for the not so great photos I literally snapped a few as we were headed out the door to the party today. As others arrived with cards and gift bags I walked in holding a table...that's normal right?!


Signing off (just for a few days).

So we're headed to the windy city... to visit with family for a few days. I've decided to hold off on revealing my blog updates until I return so I can make sure everything is in line...but I can say I'm loving the new design and very excited to share the changes!

I am so ready to get back into the grove of things before the holiday craziness picks up (I can't even believe it's almost that time of year again). I have a pile of furniture patiently waiting for me as I've been swamped (in a good way) with photo shoots as people are trying to get one in before it gets to cold outside for those holiday cards.

We're also in the process of creating a dining room which I need want done before Christmas Eve as we usually host. There will be a lot of fun DIY project to share in there too!

Here is a hint as to one of the projects! Any guesses?

Also I'm excited to be participating in my first Mood Board Monday Challenge over at Pewter + Sage where dinnerware is the inspiration! Perfect timing for the holidays and my dining room project! Make sure to check out all the great boards people post and join in the fun!

In other news the office/playroom is slowly chugging along.  My to-do list is still a mile long but it's getting there. Here are a few sneak peeks until the final reveal:

 Avery's crafting supplies like paint, play-doh + crayons are organized in galvanized tins out of reach but easy enough to grab when we want to play arts + crafts (which is daily!)

She has a table and chair set which used to be mine! They are in such great shape I don't even want to touch them with a paint brush...so I just made a mini pennant banner for the chairs for that special touch.

I painted up a daybed/lounge couch for the space too. Great for an overnight guest and a relaxing place for reading some books!

A yard stick I got at an antique shop for $9. I plan on hanging it on the wall to track Avery's growth...and we can bring it with us if we move!

What is still on my to do list to tackle:
file cabinet makeover
DIY faux roman shades
dressing the bed/couch (pillows etc)
wall art
find under the bed storage baskets

...well I guess when I type it out my list isn't as bad as I thought. I should do that more often I already feel a sense of accomplishment!

See ya in a few days!



Well Hello! Just dropping a quick note to let you know that things they are a changing....on my blog that is! I'm excited to say that' reckless-glamour' is in the process of getting a much needed overhaul and re-design courtesy of these ladies:

I'm hoping the changes will be revealed sometime this week, so sit tight! Things will be a lot easier to find and navigate through! I'll be sure to give a quick overview of whats what.

stay tuned.
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