fire log.

Today I'm going to share a fun + easy DIY project for the outdoors. 
(and by easy I mean if you have someone who can operate a chainsaw for you.)

We went to a farm last weekend for some fall fun and not only did we see the biggest pig of my life...
(it had to have weighted at least 1000lbs...and I think he was stuck in the mud)

but Avery got to sit on her first pony, Norman.
(sorry Norman for cutting off your head but as you can see I wasn't the one behind the camera phone)

On a side note I had made a comment that Norman had some rockin' bangs and the girl who was in charge of giving the pony rides proceeded to tell me that she had given Norman a Snooki poof the day before...poor horse.

Okay, back on track here...

 They were selling these cool "fire logs" and Jeff said he could totally make one, so we he did.

What you'll need:
- A log from the yard
- A chainsaw
- lighter fluid
- matches or a torch

First up, using the chainsaw cut the log like a pizza.

Cut it about 1/2 to 3/4 the way through the log.
(you can cut or peel the bark off if you'd like as well)

Next up pour some lighter fluid down in the center and light her up!

It will take a few minute for it to really get going.

Once the flame gets bigger and start coming out the top of the log it is such a cool effect. Depending on the size of your log it can burn for a few hours.

I like the star burst shape it made from burning from the inside out.

Such a quick, easy and cheap project. I think it would look awesome at night to have a whole row of them going for an outdoor fall or winter party.


four under four.

Four kids under the age of four that is. Try taking pictures of that moving target! I recently hit the beach with a longtime family friend and her two adorable kiddo's and their cousins. The weather was perfect and we had a lot of fun!

Meet the suspects:

Getting everyone to sit still and look at the camera for two seconds was the task at hand. Some weren't so thrilled. Luckily this awesome piece of driftwood held them back for a split second.

My rule of thumb is just let kids be kids. These are the moments you want to remember not some stuffy posed picture with a fake "cheesy" smile (although I do love cheese)! And by using my zoom lens I capture moments like this without them even knowing.

These was a lot of this.

She was very determined to win "the race"... I call it a photo finish!

A little help from her big brother, how sweet. They will look back on this when they are teenagers and say remember when I used to like you.

And for the slower crowd, a little bit of this.

A shoot wouldn't be complete with out a feet shot!

 We ended the session in the shade with M&M treats...hoping they would do the trick in getting everyone to sit together for just one shot.

Let's just say there was a lot of chewing and melting chocolate...

A candid shot of brother and sister. I think he'll be president one day.

And we've lost interest...

And the meltdowns set in...time for lunch and a nap!

Overall we had a blast and the shoot was a success...


if only I could invent more time in the day.

Sorry it's been awhile, I just feel like the days fly by and next thing you know it's already been 2 weeks since I last posted...I did give myself a talking to about whipping myself into gear! I also feel like sometimes I don't want to bore anyone with the everyday shenanigans that is my life (correct me if I'm wrong). So in a nut shell here we go with a few exciting things!

First off the link to my Dream Room Makeover Show!
The online video is broken down into segments if you want to see me I'm in the second video starting around 2:45. They did end up editing out the other "distressing furniture" segment I did.

Secondly, I know there has been lots of questions with the painted curtains I did for Avery's room as far as how to get the paint from being so stiff and Anna from "Take The Side Street" had this to share, I hope it helps!

"Hey there! I wasn't your anonymous poster BUT I did paint a rug this year. Craft stores sell something called "fabric medium" that you mix with acrylic paint and makes it more flexible and soft. I've found it in small bottles next to the acrylic paints in craft stores but I know you can order larger amounts online too. Hope that helps :)"

Finally, we got pumpkins! Of course I have to share. Here is Avery this year & last year....it's amazing to see the difference!

October 2011. (18 months)

October 2010. (6 months)


photo editing.

Have you ever snapped a photo trying to capture that special moment but it just didn't come out right. I've  totally been there! Especially with a little one, you really only get one shot! 

I love editing photos and making those special moments just a little more special and I'd love to help you out too! It's simple, really. 
Just send me an email (recklessglamourdesign@gmail.com) attaching the original image and I'll clean it up, crop it color correct or whatever you'd like for $5 (2 pictures for $8) with a 48 hr turn around.

Here are a few I've done recently...who doesn't love some before & afters!

Love the first day of school sign. Once a year over the next 13 or so years will make a pretty cool collage!

I love detail shots.
It's not always about those cute faces. You can still feel the excitement and anticipation of the first day of school. Don't be scared to crop your photos in a different way! (as in chop their head off all together...and I  mean that in the nicest way possible.)
 (isn't that backpack ADORABLE!)

This next one is a tear jerker (and I'm not a crier).
The moment a new mommy gets to see & hold her twin girls for the first time!

Here you want the focus on those two little babies and their momma not a blurry hand and some not so flattering lighting. A black & white always does the trick. Timeless & classic.

Adorable little one. I mean look at that expression. Now lets just focus  in on that cuteness and those big brown eyes a little bit more!

Pretty landscape shot but it needed a little boost. Again a classic black & white and you can frame it and hang it.

So don't be shy send in your photos in need of a little TLC, I'd love to help.

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