mini grey dresser.

I have a special place in my heart for small dressers. They can be so cute and practical and fit in nearly any space. I loved this guy because it looks like it has a lot of different style drawers when there are really only three.

 I opted for some grey custom mixed paint on this one. I think grey is a classic neutral (I hope Stacy & Clinton from What Not To Wear would agree!) I envision this guy as a great piece to store all sorts of crafts and art supplies for the kids. It is just their size for easy access as well!

I came across these great nautical knot pulls at Hobby Lobby and they were 50% off! (Loving the texture!) I thought they'd be great for the top draw and I decided to off set them with silver cup pulls for the bottom two bigger drawers.

Definitely loving the simplicity and classic look this little guy has and I'll be sad to see it go but that just means making way for another fun transformation!

p.s.- I realized I've have not been doing a great job lately of showing the "before" shots. I know I love to see those to really get a feel for the transformation so I will work on it. I have just found myself running to the furniture with sandpaper in hand as it desperately calls out for help. It usually hits me that I forgot just as the primer has dried. opps.




I'm not sure if I'm too happy about it yet but give me a week or two. We've tried to spend most of the summer outside enjoying the weather and burning off the energy of a 1.5 year old but soon it will be time to head inside. Which means time to tackle indoor projects and maybe a little DIY fall decor!

Here are some things that got me in the mood for some apple picking and crisp fall air, what's on your fall to do list?!


better homes & gardens



twig & thistle

a beautiful mess


painting the curtains.

I've had lots of questions and interest lately on the DIY painted curtains I did for Avery's room. I've also heard they have been "trending" on Pinterest. I don't really know what that means but it sounds cool. I decided to check it out and this is what I saw!

That's a lot of people thinking Avery's curtains are cool which is super exciting! It sounds like some of you are going to try it out for yourselves which totally rocks. I'd love to post and share photos of all the final results so if you're interested please email me a photo and I'll be sure to showcase your DIY painted curtains!
I've tried to respond to some questions as well in the comments section of the original post as well as through emails. If I didn't answer something please send again! Also I know a lot of people were asking about the "solution" you can mix with regular wall paint to make it into fabric paint and the person who commented with that info was anonymous so if you're out there or know what to do please share as I've tried searching for the answer!

Here is the link to the original post just in case you missed it and are interested:

On a side note; I'm wrapping up a few small pieces in my painting studio such as an end table, night stand, small dresser and some picture frames which I'll be sharing very soon!
I'm also working on a few added features to Reckless-Glamour so stay tuned for that as well!


re-purposing existing pieces.

Recently Amanda emailed me commenting on the wardrobe/craft closet I redid for the playroom/office. She told me about an old Ikea shelving unit she had and wanted to know of any ideas as to what to do with it. Well of course I had a few and I kindly asked if I could share with you all.

Here's what she has...and I'm sure we all have something similar lying around that is screaming for new life to be brought back into it!

So here are a few ideas I came up with that don't require any painting...although that is always an option. I hope this helps Amanda!

Covering it in some sort of paper material, like a map!

Replace the existing door with an old shutter or reclaimed wood!

Contact paper! (it's already sticky on one side too!)

 And on the same note, why not wallpaper?

 If you wanted to break out the tools you could buy some bead-boarding and attach it to the outside of the shelving.

Or if you're lazy or lack the skills to use tools like myself...they make bead board wallpaper!

You could also remove the door all together and get some cool storage bins for the shelving.

I hope this helps Amanda! I had fun working on it for you! Anyone else have a great solution?


show me your drawers.

Okay, get your mind out of the gutter. I actually meant real drawers like the ones you keep all your junk in. The great thing about drawers is once you shut them you can no longer see the chaos. Well I've been doing just that for a long time now and I just couldn't take it anymore. 
I thought about buying storage containers or in drawer shelving but nothing was really "custom" so I opted to create my own custom drawer designed around my stuff.

Here is the before of our "his & hers" drawers. I know it makes me want to cry I can't believe I lived like this! And I can't believe I'm sharing this!

The under the sink before! Avery loves to pretend to put lotion on, here she is sneaking into the cabinet.

Solution. A simple 1 x 4 from the home improvement store. 
After removing everything from the drawers and taking inventory on the size and shape of the items we had (and throwing a lot of junk out!) we created customized cubbyholes.
They easily slide in and out of place so you can also adjust them.

 The After!

 I think I'll be able to sleep more peacefully tonight knowing exactly where all my stuff is!

I put Jeff's things back in while he was at work so I'm sure he'll have something to say about where I put all his stuff...you know how guys get when you move things around on them!

I decided to move all my hair supplies and products under the sink...the hair dryer was always in the way before. I may look for a decorative basket for under there but for know an unused box works just fine!

So there you have it a simple way to customize any of your drawers. Anyone else do something similar or have other cool ideas?
On a decorating note I think I'm going to paint the bathroom cabinets this winter to match the bead-boarding we have in there. The drawers are in desperate need of some hardware too!
Happy Organizing!


a dream room makeover in the making.

The dream room makeover show that I recently participated in doesn't air until the beginning of October...but I did manage sneak a few behind the scenes progress shots!
(hope I don't get in trouble)

The car was packed to the gills with all my supplies plus some and I was off! But first lets make sure of the essentials... iced coffee, water, ipod and notebook, check! Okay good to go!

To catch you up to speed here is a rundown on how it all went down. There was a contest with Fox 61 in CT to win a Dream Room Makeover and the room winner (Tom) was chosen out of 2 other finalists through an online vote.

Tom's stats:
recent college grad and bachelor
purchased the house in January although it looked like no one lived there still!
Quiet guy yet I sense a quirky personality

Okay onto the pictures but can I just say I FORGOT my flipping camera when I went back down at the end of the week to finish up! Seriously! I think I was so wrapped up in remembering all my painting supplies and worrying about my time restraints. So most of these were taken with Jeff's cell phone.

 Okay so brace yourself for the before shot:

Craziness...that is all that has been in the room! Aren't those drapes pretty stellar! (I kid!) I bet someone paid a pretty penny for those circa 1980.

First order of business new manufactured flooring right on top of the parquet. Made to look like real hardwood, it came in stripes that clipped together. Gotta love dark hardwood flooring!

If you can't tell from my awesome picture..the dining area windows got dressed with pretty white plantation shutters....Yes Please!

Then there was painting...lots of it. There were three different paint colors all within the blue-grey family. One for the dining area; another as the main color in the living area and the third on an accent wall (way to the right in the photo below) where my piece was going! The paint color names have slipped my mind but I'll be sure to look into it.

There was also a lot of woodworking going on. I think this is so important and such an easy update in any home! Some homes lack any architectural interest or like mine just the basic builders grade moldings and such but you can easily switch that up yourself! Wainscoting and moldings add tons of character. You can even add faux columns for instant sophistication! There was nothing there before, just a plain old door opening!

Onto the windows. The old drapery got thrown in the dumpster and in came some new floor length panels. The fabric was a textured tweed with different shades of blues and some white. They tied everything in beautifully.

And speaking of tying everything in check out those clever curtain pull backs. Easy and cheap to re-create. Just a metal eye bolt screwed into the window casing (make sure you know where you want it because it will leave a mighty big hole) and some rope.

 When I left everything was still "in the works" so I'm not sure of the overall end results but I did see two of these hanging out in the garage.

And I unzipped the covering to find one of these too! I thought about throwing it into the back of my car on the way out but no such luck.

Finally onto the star of the room...okay I only wish!
Here's the hutch before, a decent piece but visually heavy and a little tired. And can I just say enormous!

In progress...getting some primer! Not really sure why I took this picture. Probably because I had to be quiet as they were filming at the front door which was right behind me. It was fun to see how shows get put together. There is a lot of improv and do overs!

Here is the general contractor and the door guy filming a bit on the new front door that was about to be installed. I think it took 4 attempts to nail it. That's Tony one of the producers behind the camera. He was fun to work with although I kept catching him filming me when I wasn't aware and I'm sure I was looking like a fool.

Here is part of the hutch after it was finished being painted but before the distressing and poly. I debated on painting the metal quatrefoil grating and I'm glad I decided to. It made a cool graphic pattern that really stands out and modernized the piece.

 At one point I got roped into being the "flag girl" like in Grease when Cha Cha DiGregorio used her scarf to signal the car race to start at Thunder Road (yeah, just like that). I'm sure there will be some sweet footage of that on the bloopers reel! Here the producer is filming the show host and contractor racing down the driveway on dolly carts.

Finally the monster hutch is done! I've yet to see it put together or in the room but the show photographer promised he'd send me some pictures.

I'll be sure to follow up with more info once I get it and let me know if you have any questions on anything and I'll try to get the scoop.

If you happen to be in the Connecticut area here is the airing schedule, otherwise I'll post a link to the video and photos once it airs.

Saturday 10/1 & 10/8 at 5p

On The CW - WCCT
Sunday 10/2 at 11:30a
Saturday 10/8 at 12:30p


back in a flash.

I'm headed back to CT tomorrow for a quick trip to finish up the hutch and take photos. I'm bringing two assistants with me this time but not sure how helpful they'll be since one is only 1.5 years old!
I'm super excited to share all the details and photos but here is a sneak peek of the "before"

(taken with a cell phone)

This thing is huge!! Luckily it was a two piece hutch and there were a lot of helpful men to move things around for me. I didn't know they'd be shooting some footage, I just wanted to get some things prepped before day one.
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