my bags are packed.

I'm headed to Connecticut for a few days to refinish a piece of furniture for a home makeover show!

Be back later this week with lots of pictures and more details!!


turning 1 photos.

Shooting one years olds is always a lot of fun. It keeps me on my toes for sure! You have to think fast and roll with the punches....and a baggie of Cheerios usually does the trick! I met up with this little guy and his parents on the beautiful waterfront of Newburyport, MA. The spots for photos are endless and you can't beat the views!

Colin just turned one a month or so ago and officially decided it was time to start walking. He had his crawling skills down and could get around quick so why mess with success...but he finally made the leap and I just love watching babies who recently started walking. The expressions, the mannerisms it just cracks me up!

Babies love to be on the move so there was a lot of running back and forth as his daddy would drop him off at one end of the boardwalk and mom hung out behind me as "bait" to get him moving our way. It's always tough to get a good face shot where they are actually looking at you so my technique is standing them on something with a back that they can hold onto. In this case a park bench. I was on the wall standing above him. Beautiful eyes...perfect shot!

Something caught his eye off in the distance... he is very focused.

 Again those expressions are priceless! I think he was actually enjoying a Cheerio snack here though!

A wardrobe and diaper change and into the downtown we went a walking. Seriously mini baby polo's crack me up. Everything miniature is just so darn cute!
Here he is proud as punch strolling the cobblestone streets flexing his muscles.

Colin and his parents were such good sports especially since it started getting pretty warm. Even people on the street were joining in on getting him to look towards the camera. People were hanging their babies over my head and talking in silly baby talk. Hey what ever works right!

Did I mention those eyes!

Daddy was there tickling him and we got a big ol' belly laugh!

I was even able to capture a few casual family shots! Here is one of my favorites...not posed just capturing life as it unfolds.

Thanks to John, Amy & Colin for letting me capture a fun time in there little ones life!


blog sale.

I like to check in on my local thrift stores once and awhile to see what's "new" or what I can make new...and I tell ya some people get rid of some nice stuff and you can't beat the prices! As long as you go in with an open mind and a creative imagination you're good to go! I also tend to drop boxes off at the thrift store quite often... I'm in the mindset that if you haven't used in in X amount of time it's time to part ways (and make way for new things!)
So in the spirit of cleaning house I've come across some nice things that I love but no longer have the need for so I figured I'd see if anyone is interested:

West Elm Parachute Duvet & 2 shams
F/Q; spa blue
$40. (retails for $99)

F/Q bed skirt

(FYI it does not match the duvet cover)

Two West Elm Pillow Covers
silk; machine washable
$35. pair (retails for $35 each)

All sales can be made through PayPal just send me an email for details

(price does not include shipping; that is based on location)

That's it for now but I'm sure I may come across a few more things!


country modern hutch.

 We're going country here people.  But fresh, hip country...no chickens or cows!
I've had this hutch for a year sitting in the basement. Every time I walked by it, it would curse me. I was dreading the long overhaul which consisted of painting every square inch including the inside and all it's little crevasses....but I could see it's potential so finally I took the plunge.

I'm not a country girl per say however I do like old, chipped dirty decor paired up with fresh and new. I think it blends well and tells an interesting story. You can't go wrong with some texture matched with some fresh white paint. 

Since I was digging the whole country feel I wanted to shoot this piece outside in it's element. All that's missing is a little bistro table set for brunch with some friends!

(do you see someone out by the rock in the next photo? She was off exploring...and climbing while I was attempting to take photos.)

The doors used to have glass. Luckily the sealer that held it on was peeling off so it made for easy removal. In it's place...chicken wire! Pretty simple installation. Just measuring trimming it down to size with wire cutters and staple on the inside door panels. Gloves are a must though!

As for the finish of the hutch, I wanted a weathered look. I ended up painting the piece white and distressing it then I used a dry brush technique with grey paint over top. I love the look and the texture contrasting with the bright white interior that really highlights your decorative pieces that you want to show off.

You can go lighter or heavier with the dry brushing it is all about how much paint you put on the brush...I went a little heavier because I was going for the barn-board feel.

The hutch is a little different than something I would normally do but I love the end result and I love stepping outside my comfort box sometimes and trying something new. I was definitely a fun piece to tackle and I think I may have to redo another one soon!
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