and the winner is...

Nothing like a good old fashion pulling a name out of a hat!
(Kari said... I am loving that shirt girl!) 

Jut send me an email with the size of the shirt you'd like and your address!

Thanks everyone. I will give a quick "how to" soon...and I have a newly finished piece of furniture to debut this week!


happy blogiversary to me + a giveaway!

 One year of blogging! Yay, I'm pumped! I've loved sharing my ideas and inspirations and meeting new friends and being inspired by you as well! I'm looking forward to exciting times ahead and where this Reckless Glamour path will take me!
So thank you for reading and I have more to come if you want to stick around! As I've mentioned in the past I'm open to suggestions. Why do you stop by and read? What are your favorite and least favorite post about?!

 In honor of the one year mark I'd like to have my very first giveaway! Now who doesn't love giveaways! Check out the shirt Avery is rockin....handmade by yours truly.

faux beaded necklace with a tulle embellishment

(model on the move)

One lucky reader can get one also...here's the scoop...it's simple.
Just leave a comment...or two!
You'll have until Sunday night @ 8pm.
(the winner will be randomly chosen)

The winner will get a hand crafted item. You pick the size and style (t-shirt, longsleve, onesie, etc) color and design may vary slightly.

So grab a chair and a glass of wine (or your beverage of choice) and let's have some more blogging fun!


wardrobe turned craft closet.

From the moment I laid eyes on this beauty I knew it would fit the bill in my office/playroom to serve as a craft closet. It was the right size, it had nice detailing and storage for all my glitter and ribbons!

Here is how it began it's life. Not to bad but the wood was tired and peeling and it needed a boost.

It is old and so was the hardware but I couldn't replace it. I just love the rusted wheels.

After I painted it white it looked to me that it still needed something. Since this piece was mine I decided to customize it if you will. I whipped out my stencils and went at it using some extra red paint I had from the closet. I also dry brushed some white over the red and did some distressing so it still looked "vintage". Not perfect but that isn't what I wanted anyways.

"Avery & Co. est. 2010"
I will follow up with a step by step post on my stenciling process. You'll get an idea of how my brain works...which is an interesting process.

And speaking of Avery...here is what she was up to during the photo shoot. She is 100% a shoe girl!! She is always wearing my shoes and she can walk really well in them...probably better than me!

 So there is my office/playroom craft cabinet! I still need to finish filling it up with all my goodies but it is nice to see a piece of furniture in the otherwise empty room. 
I also have to share the details on Avery's toy bin. It reminded me of something I'd seen in the Restoration Hardware catalog. It is actually a laundry basket labeled "darks" but I just spun it around and it became a catch-all for all of her bigger toys and for $18 you can't bet it!


when life hands you lemons...

make lemonade...well in this case mud pie.

We were outside playing..killing some time before dinner. I started plucking weeds out of the gravel driveway. Next thing I know I look up to see this...

Avery's favorite past time is throwing rocks to Riley in his kiddy pool. She thinks it is hysterical. I had emptied the pool of the old muddy water and refilled it. Needless to say she found the muddy water.

 Take note of the saggy wet diaper. It was to late she was already knee deep in muck. So after freaking out (I hated being dirty as a kid) I grabbed my camera and rolled with it.

How could you not? Look at that face!

 Collecting rocks out of the mud to give to Riley...

 A kiss to Riley before we hit the tub... they really are best buds!

Man can she turn on the charm.
Did I do something wrong momma?
Off to the tub to get hosed down!

I'll be back this weekend with a new piece of furniture! But one I'm hanging onto!


paint in a jar.

 Sometimes things happen, not intentionally but they just do. That's life right? 
I thoroughly inspect all my RG furniture before it get's sent to it's new home; whether I deliver it or the new owner picks it up. But I've been known to crash into a doorway a time or two so I recently have been including one of these with the furniture. You know just as a safety precaution in case I'm not the only clumsy one out there....

::knocks on computer screen::
 It's not just me, right?!

 A lot of my paint are mis-tints I've found or I may whip together something of my own so I don't always know the "true" color name but in this case I did.

And this is what happens during a little impromptu photoshoot. My assistant was trying to make off with the goods.

So there you have it; an old baby food jar; a little craft paper, some twine and a label. Perfect size for a little touch up. Not that you'll need it but it's like a security blanket...it's good to know you have just in case someone or something "chips" you off!


behind the curtains.

I mentioned that I removed the sliding doors off the office closet and in their place I installed floor to ceiling curtain panels. This gives me the option of closing off the desk space to hide any clutter but it also softens the room and adds some drama.

 (avert your eyes from the cords!)

I love the bold pattern of the vertical stripes. Since the closet wall is inset a few feet I was able to run the curtain panels the span of the whole wall which I love!

Funny story about the panels.... I knew I wanted stripes and I was playing with the idea of painting some again but I stumbled upon these and the had pretty much everything I was looking for. They were 95" long (as I wanted them to go from floor to ceiling); my color scheme; grommet tops and a nice texture. They are a little sheer but I don't really mind and I figure if I want to back them with some white fabric I can.

Ready for the kicker...they were $6.99 per panel! Don't you just love a bargain! Pun intended... I scored them at none other than the Christmas Tree Shop! I haven't set foot in one in years but for some reason one day I went in and was super excited when I spotted them and at that price! I wanted 4 panels for a full look when they were opened or closed. You can't even buy or make one curtain panel for the price I paid for all of them. 
Ok now lets rewind a bit. I've been scheming the curtain panel wall for a long time now and it all started because I wanted to use piping for my curtain rods for an industrial look. I brainstormed a few ideas hit up Home Depot to gather the parts I'd need for my DIY rod.

Since the wall is inset I was able to run the rod from either side of the adjacent walls so I didn't need an "elbow" piece but you could use one if you needed to to mount them on the wall they hang on or even from the ceiling.

These are 1/2 inch flanges. They have threading on the inside to hold the pipe and holes on the part that go flush to the wall for your screws. You can get flanges in all sorts of sizes I went with the 1/2 inch because of the grommet size on my panels.

The metal pipe is from the plumbing section of the store. There are a few options in electric but plumbing was the best looking. Again the pipes come in all different lengths and thicknesses. I went with the 1/2 inch pipe (to fit my flanges) and an 8 foot pipe which they trimmed down and re-threaded for me. It was really cool to watch the process of how they did it. Is that dorky that I was totally into the Home Depot pipe cutting machine?!

Once we got home everything home we tested the pipe length with the flanges on to get the exact fitting. It is a little tricky but that is why the threaded pipe is so important, it gives you a little wiggle room. Once we figured that out I had to put all the curtain panels on the pipe before installing.

Here is a close up of the flange and pipe attached to the wall. I love how they aren't perfect with marks and dings and they are an unexpected element.

They are just like I had envisioned and I'm excited they finally got installed! Now if I only had drapery for the real windows in the room!
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