nailhead trim bulletin board.

I have a love for things with nail-head trim. Chairs, headboards, sofas and even bulletin boards! I decided to do a little DIY to make a custom sized one for my desk nook. It was a simple project that adds lots of character to a boring old tack board.

I know I wanted my board to span the whole length of the wall behind the desk. My wall was 76"...my tack boards...36" each. So if you're quick with your math you'll notice I was 4" to long. So we ended up cutting 2 inches (and the side frame) off of each and then they fit together like a charm! There is a small seam but it is mostly hidden by the computer so no big deal to me.

I bought some nail head trim at the fabric store (I needed 7 boxes...which ended up being 3 trips to the store). Awesome planning huh! I stuck with a simple round head nickel finish nail head but the possibilities are endless.

I just used my pinkie finger to space them out. Not a perfectly straight line but close enough in my book and with a toddler hanging off your leg it's as good as it's gonna get.

Now lets quickly talk about the desk...it's been done for awhile I just haven't shared yet because there hasn't been much to show. 
We bought a nicer piece of wood and kept it natural only needing a few coats of poly. To mount it, we screwed 1x4's that we cut to size into the studs in the wall then placed the desk top on top of that. We screwed the desk top down onto the 1x4's for added stability and there you have it a simple desk nook in a closet.

There is still a check list of things that need to be done in this little nook...so I stepped back for a picture and explained the chaos.

Aren't I an awesome lamp mouse drawer.... 

i kid.

But I think the bulletin board hit the nail on the head! (pun intended)

Again the color red is "Million Dollar Red" by my friend Ben Moore. This isn't a good representation of it...as it was dark when I snapped the photo and as you know I still need a lamp.

Now although I heart my Mac I don't always want to see it...or the bills that land on the desk. But we removed the sliding doors (you know the ones that you have to do the door dance with because you can never see what the heck is in the middle of your closet). We took them down along with the track they were on and burnt them in the fire pit....again I kid. They got the boot to the attic, and in there place we have a much better solution which I'll show off soon.


some good eats.

I hope everyone had a nice Father's Day weekend. We sure did and we ate like there's no tomorrow! On Sunday we decided to check out Ribfest at the Anheuser-Busch plant. The vendor's come in from all over the country to compete and they've won tons of awards for there ribs and sauces...and we got to taste em' and they were finger lickin G-O-O-D!

The lines were long but worth the wait! They sure did have some crazy set ups! Avery was pretty excited to taste test some ribs and check out all the action!

They also had an air show with a stunt plane. It was crazy cool. The plane was zipping around and the pilot would just float in mid air and twirl around then head towards the ground really fast and disappear behind the trees and come flying up again. It was really neat to watch and kept us entertained while waiting in line!

Check out all the awards they've won...this rib cookin is a serious business.

Yum! Can't you just smell the grilling goodness...I'm getting hungry just looking at it! These were some of the best sauces I've ever had too! The were sweet and tangy and packed a lot of punch!

Avery was patiently waiting in line...that is when she wasn't running people over with the stroller. We're in the phase where it's cool to push the stroller...not sit in it. So Jeff and I walk around with a magical moving stroller because she is so small you can't see her. People look at us like were crazy until they realize who the driver is.

(side note: I painted Avery's toes for the first time this weekend! Adorable right?! She was surprisingly good and let me do it. She was very interested in touching them while they were drying but other than that she was a good little client.) 

Avery checking out her balloon animal dog. Which lasted all of 10 minutes before she untwisted it and my attempt to recreate this "dog" was not very pretty luckily she was happy with just a balloon.

Ok prepare yourself for this...have you ever seen Deep Fried Oreo's?!?

Honestly....Amazing! Genius even.

They get deep fried in Bisquick...so it is like a pancake ball with a warm gooey Oreo inside...truly divine!

I think I just gained 10lbs. just typing this post. Once I get out of my food coma I'll be back with an actual home office update with pictures!!


bow front dresser.

I'm really digging this one. I LOVE the bow front! It's interesting and feminine yet classic.

I didn't do any distressing on this dresser as it had to many beautiful details that I wanted to showcase so clean and simple won on this one. It's also sporting it's original hardware which is a rubbed bronze pull that mimics the curves of the dresser. Although initially it wasn't my intention to use the original stuff it won me over in the end.

I just had to share what goes one while I'm trying to take pictures. Avery comes on over and backs up to me and sits on my lap...it is to funny! I've dubbed her my "PA"... photography assistant, however there's a lot of silliness that goes on I wish I could read her mind... on second thought maybe not because she is probably saying "you're crazy momma".

So there it is, my latest piece...you really can't go wrong with a bow front dresser! The drawers are huge too...which means you may have to go shopping to fill them up!


back from vacation.

{peony's from my mom's garden!}

We'll I'm back from vacation! Sorry I left you hanging I don't think I mentioned I was going away and as our trip drew closer I was caught up in packing and getting prepared to fly with a one year old!

Vacation was great we went to Panama City Beach Florida with Jeff's sister and her four kids so Avery had a blast. I'm going through all 647 pictures I took so I'll be sure to share some with you as well as the fabulous place we stayed!
We're finally unpacked and re-stocked with groceries so I guess as much as I am still craving those frozen daiquiri's on our deck over looking our private beach, its back to the grind! I've got lots to share including a few photo shoots and a basement stocked with furniture!
Be back soon!



I've been slowly chugging along on the home office/playroom redo. There has been progress but nothing to show yet as it seems there are a lot of unfinished projects that need to be wrapped up....and I'm getting antsy! Why is it that the messiest room in the house is the one that kids always want to play in? I can't tell you how many times I've dragged Avery out of there. I sure will be glad when it will be a safe play zone!

I thought in the spirit of getting the office together I'd show off some cool organizational pictures I've come across recently that inspire me and keep my eye on the prize.

I love crates and thought this was a creative way to make some wall shelves. 

I'm definitely rockin a super ugly metal file cabinet and love this redo. I'm thinking something along these lines will be a fun and easy DIY project.

I plan on putting a daybed/sofa in the office for a place to hang out and also an extra bed for a guest! I thought the pallets we're a unique idea and it looks like you could get some storage out of it to underneath!

Who says all your craft supplies have to be hidden in boxes. This is a fun way to display a collection!

I'm totally doing this on my chalkboard wall! A simple cup pull. Brilliant.

I hope I've inspired you with a few great ideas I've come across lately. Do you have any great organizing tips or ideas that would give Martha a run for her money? Please do tell.

I'll be sure to share a few real office projects I've been working on soon, that is when I wash the peanut butter and banana sandwich out of my hair... my girl sure loves grabbing my hair with those sticky fingers....she's just wishes she had some hair of her own.
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