moss wreath.

Our front door has been naked since just after Christmas. I've been hunting high & low for a new wreath but all I've come across is tacky or pricey. Since I wasn't finding anything that struck my fancy I decided to craft my own wreath.
I love the look of moss and at one of my local craft stores (Michael's if you were wondering) they had a whole moss section. I was excited, yes that's right excited about a section dedicated to moss. They had paper size sheets and bags with hunk of moss but what caught my eye was a roll of moss. They actually called it a table runner but let me tell you that stuff stinks. I don't know if it is all the chemicals or packaging or what but I had to step outside for a breath of fresh air while I was making my moss wreath because it smelled so bad so I wouldn't want a moss runner on my table near any type of food, but that's just me. If you plan on making a similar wreath be sure to do so outdoors or in a well ventilated area! Anyhow back to the project at hand. I also picked up a straw wreath to use as my base.

Project Breakdown:
moss ($12.99) be sure to use your 40% off coupon!
straw wreath ($4.99)
glue gun (I had one at home)

I left the plastic wrap on my straw wreath not sure if you are supposed to or not but all my straw was falling out so I kept it wrapped!

First I rolled out the runner and tore it lengthwise into long strips (roughly 3-4 inches). I then used my glue gun and worked in small sections. Wrapping my moss strips around and around overlapping slightly. The moss is straggly which works out nicely making it more authentic rather than wrapped like a ribbon.

Just wrap around and around and around. I took a pause for the cause and got some fresh air because the fumes were getting to me!

It was a quick and easy project and I love how it turned out! Isn't the texture of the moss yummy!

I'm not sure yet if I'll add anything more to it. Maybe some vines or something but for now I'm digging the clean simplistic modern feel. And I'm really glad not to have a naked door anymore! I do want to paint my front door sometime this summer because the builder's white just isn't cutting it! But what color...that's a whole other can of worms...


happy mistakes.

Do you ever run in to a happy mistake? You know when your looking for or expecting one thing but you end up with something else? Well that just happened to me. I went to check out a dresser. It was antique, it had good lines... I was excited. I arrived at said dresser and I was sad. The veneer detailing was peeling (all the wood glue in the world couldn't fix it) and one of the beautiful legs was sliced beyond repair.
Luckily this nice woman had sold her house and was getting rid of tons of stuff. She wanted to show me something she hadn't put up for sale yet...and I fell in love!

A petite vanity fit for a little girl! I'm already envisioning the possibilities. Stay tuned!

Avery's birthday party is this weekend I'm very excited and have been very busy trying to get everything together so bare with me we'll be back to our regularly scheduled program soon enough!


a good night (stand).

A small piece of furniture but it packs a lot of punch. I love taking an old worn piece and giving it some TLC to showcase it's real potential. This dainty nightstand was missing it's partner but I think it has the potential to stand on its own now. Anyways, mismatching nightstands are in....or at least I think they are.

A fresh coat of paint, some distressing and new hardware is all it takes to go from dated 80's to modern day urban country. I think it would look great in a guest room or it could even be used as an end table (with storage!)


cataloging 101.

I wanted to share with you my "technique" if you will for looking at my beloved catalogs. You know those ones that arrive in the mail every few weeks. You start flipping through it on your walk back up the driveway to the house because you are excited for all the new possibilities. Yeah those ones...

What I do is look at every catalog at least twice. The first time is a flip to check out the big stuff, the new furniture the new lighting all the new textiles. The stuff that is actually for sale.

Second flip is more of a slow scan. Every page gets looked over with a fine tooth comb. I look at all the decorative details, the staging and the styling. That's where the good stuff is people. It's usually the stuff that isn't for sale merely added to the photo as "fluff". I usually get some great ideas from there and I'd love to share my findings with you. Since my scanner is not hooked up right now because the office is in shambles I've grabbed some photos from one of my beloved catalog sites, potterybarn.

dining room photo (what I see)
A ladder hanging from the ceiling by rope with lanterns hung at all different lengths. This is a great idea if you want a chandelier in a place where there is no electricity in the ceiling. You'd just need some strong hooks to secure it to the ceiling and candles provide the light source.
Other options instead of the ladder: an old wheel or a shutter. You could also just hang the lanterns by themselves.

I also see architectural salvage posts leaning again the wall in the corner. Adds a touch of unexpected and gives some texture and whimsy to a formal space. Most people have architectural salvage shops in their area just Google!

living room (what I see)

Um hello...maps as roller shades?!?! Now that makes roller shades cool again! You could buy cheap roller shades and cut them off the top roller and attach your map instead, then use the hardware to attach to the window. Tie it up with twine or ribbon!
The lanterns behind the sofa; although I'm not quite sure what is in them it is a unique way of displaying a collection of something; a twist on the typical apothecary jar. Rather than lining all your shelves with your collection of shells or bottle caps or snow globes; place them in the lantern. Keeps everything together...less clutter, less dusting!

bedroom (what I see)

Okay I swear I didn't see this before making my Avery Tree. I think they got the idea from me (oh how i wish!) I like how they wrapped the plant pot in burlap. A good way to reuse something you already have that might not necessarily match the room. You could also use fabric for a fun punch!

outdoor space (what i see)

You want a cool space to hang out while enjoying the nice weather right? If you are in an open area with no trees or on a deck use drift wood (or birch branches) as your makeshift "trees" to support your lanterns (just dig them into the ground or put in a large outdoor pot or urn with big rocks for support).

I hope I inspired you to look beyond the stuff and get some cool ideas to try in your own house! Do you like this idea of me sharing things I see? Let me know maybe we can turn it into a weekly thing; checking out all sort of catalogs for inspiration.
Now I need to get out of this room I've been breathing in to many paint fumes...but I *think* the red closet is done...3 coats! We'll see what it looks like in daylight though...keeping my fingers crossed!


Black Server; Cedar Chest.

Anyone want to join me for dinner and drinks?

I'm loving this server! And let me tell you we had a love hate relationship, it gave me a run for my money but in the end it turned into a show stopping conversation piece. I love the mix of it's antique feel with all the detailing mixed with the bold black paint and sleek cup handles.

This piece was in desperate need of some attention. It was screaming at me from across my best friends basement...it was begging for me to take it home and clean it up.
And that I did.

I saw it's potential from the moment I laid eyes on it but as you can see it was in rough shape. You could barely even see it's curvy claw foot legs under all the dust.

And I think the dogs enjoyed snacking on it every now and again. But nothing that a lot little wood filler couldn't fix.

All set for a dinner party, it could be used as a server/buffet. It also could be a great hallway/entry piece to throw your keys on when coming in the door. It's a cedar lined chest so you can store all your family heirlooms and dishes you only use a few times a year in there too.
My husband tried to tell me it could be a giant humidor for all his cigars (nice try buddy).

I love the hardware it has a little bit of a roughness to it with it's texture but still maintains a clean updated feel.

Look at those legs now! So much character!

Now I just need to get a dining room table and we can have ourselves a party.


seeing red.

I made a decision on my red for the closet/office. I ended up with "Million Dollar Red" by Benjamin Moore. It was the perfect shade for a small dark space. It wasn't originally what I thought I'd choose but after looking at all the different paint chips taped up in the closet it ended up being the winner.

I have to admit I was a little scared when I first started cutting in. The red looked somewhat orange and I kept saying to myself what the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks was I thinking. But as I started to roll on the paint and watched it dry I felt relief. It will definitely need at least another coat or maybe two but in such a small space it won't be bad. It took a little over an hour to cut in and roll the interior of the closet. Which let me tell you not the easiest space to paint.

Here it is with one coat. It is not that bright at all I think my flash made it look a little neon red. Gotta love progress!!!


photo tree.

 The birthday girl had a great day yesterday. It turned out to be to cold for an outdoor photo op but we plan on heading back this weekend because the forecast is saying 60's! I was able to grab one quick shot of her before we had to throw her coat back on!

I've been working on a photo tree for Avery's birthday party as well. I knew I wanted to display some photos of her different milestones throughout her first year. I love how it turned out and I plan on displaying it somewhere in the house after her party. It allows for easy photo change up's and you can even display artwork and other memorabilia.

What you'll need:
A vase
Branches (I collected mine from the yard)
Something to anchor the branches
mini clips (purchased @ Walmart)
ribbon (optional)

After securing my branches I started to clip photos randomly all over. It's sort of like decorating a Christmas Tree; be sure to step back to see where you need to fill in. Most of my pictures are double sided so you can see photos from all angles.
After all the photos we added I cut a few different types of ribbon that go with my party color scheme and started randomly tying them to the branches.

I used some moss filler to add a pop of color to the vase and finished it off with a hot pink ribbon.

I think it is a fun, unique way to show off some favorite moments throughout the first year and I'm excited to display it at the party!


Little Birdie turns 1.

Yeah, yeah I know this is one of those "I told you so moments".

Everyone warned me turning one happens quick but seriously, yikes! I've been having flashbacks the past week, remembering the days and moments leading up to Avery's arrival and it feels like just yesterday while at the same time it feels like a lifetime ago... My darling husband was kind enough to capture me having a contraction while trying to pack my hospital bag. They tell you to pack ahead of time for a reason...I didn't listen. How was I supposed to know what I would want to wear. (kidding...we'll sort of)

Amazingly she was born in 4 minutes via emergency c-section and although her arrival into the world wasn't exactly how we had planned (we didn't know if she was going to be a he or she...) I wouldn't change any of it for a minute. Well I guess I could have done without multiple middle of the night ER visits and 2 helicopter rides but overall she is a healthy, very happy little girl!
Happy First Birthday Avery!
I'll leave you with some photos chronicling the first year of her life. I'll let the pictures do the talking because they do say a picture's worth a thousand words... 




 We're off on a fun filled Birthday adventure. I'll have my camera in hand of course as I plan to get some one year shots and per Avery's request we're having Mexican for dinner! (I may have helped her decide that but the girl does love her avocados! And her momma loves her some Margaritas!)
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