my little artist.

As I mentioned a few days ago I am in the midst of an office redo. Well I guess I would call it more of an office do because it was never done...it has always been an empty room with a desk in the middle.

I knew I wanted a chalkboard wall somewhere in there and we have a perfect little "mini" wall about 2 feet wide that fit the bill. I did a floor to ceiling application so Avery could sit and draw at the bottom and we can use the top for writing each other reminders etc. I used Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint that I got at my local store and it worked awesome. I only needed 2 coats!

My little artist already in action!

Look at what I did mom! The chalk can't taste that good!

Um, excuse me little miss but the wall to draw on is next to you.


winter wonderland.

We've been getting our fair share of snow this year already...yes I live in New England and yes I know it comes with the territory but that doesn't mean I have to like it! 
I do like it when I don't have to go anywhere and can stay warm inside with the family...but given Jeff's profession...he is usually at work which means home alone (with Avery & Riley) in a storm equals no fun!
Anyways enough of my whining lets get to the fun...when the snow did stop falling and the thermometer read above zero degrees we ventured out on a sleigh ride of sorts.

All was going well but you see the snow was quite fluffy which made Avery sled quite unstable. I was supposed to be the "sled watcher"...you know to make sure my kid was happy and enjoying the ride. But with a camera in my face I sort of missed the tumble...

opps...sorry little girl. And I do have to say this isn't the first time this happened. I blame the driver (aka no me!.... Jeff!)

Look at that face wet, cold and covered in snow but being the good momma I am, I of course had to get a picture first.

Avery loves her sled rides it puts her in the sleepy zone, like riding in a car.  It's pure magic I tell ya those cars...they need to invent a car crib!

Upon arriving back home...upon? What is this a fairy tale? Who says upon?

Scratch that start again...

Avery hadn't yet "played" in the snow so we plunked her down in the front yard and her best buddy joined her for another photo op. I love photo ops with unsuspecting people.... in the words of Forest Gump, "you never know what you're gonna get"

and two seconds later this is what I got...

 Couldn't have timed it any better! Nothing like cold wet doggies kisses.


your take on Roman Shades.

I'm in the midst of a home office redo. I plan on making my own Roman Shades....not sewing them just using some fabric glue and crafting trickery of course! Now here is where I need your help. There are 2 ways to use Roman Shades in the window...hang them on the outside of the window molding or the inside.


(source: Decor Pad)


So what are your thoughts? I'd love to hear from you.

Here in New England we're in the midst of yet another big snow...I'm hoping being house bound the next few days I'll get a few things crossed off my list.
On a side note my built-in free babysitters (aka my parents) are headed to Florida for 6 weeks tomorrow...not to sure what I'm going to do without their help with Avery...it's going to be a long, busy few weeks!)


blue dresser.

 Meet Fiona. I decided some pieces of furniture just need a name!

This cute little dresser wasn't always so cute. It was wore down and needed a boost. I love small dressers they are great for offices, hallways/entryways and even as nightstands. It stores a lot and looks great while doing it.

I had some reject blue paint I picked up a few months ago at my local Benjamin Moore Store and thought this little piece would love to pop with a vibrant blue hue. A dash of unexpected is just my style. So I got to it and couldn't be more pleased with the results.

I did some light distressing on the edges and love how the light blonde wood peeks through. I feel it gives the piece a warmer feel, very worn in.

I kept the original hardware too. I love the bull nose rings (not sure if that is really what their called but that's what it reminds me of, so that's what I'm calling them!) They have a worn in brassy finish which I feel adds to it's character.

I might hang onto this piece for awhile. I've already filled the drawers with all my crafting supplies. It has found a home in my office which I am currently in the process of redoing. I'll be sure to share more on that as it starts to come together.
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