snow candles.

 I know it's been seen all over Pinterest and other design sites but I was excited to tackle a little holiday DIY project and make some snow candles! It's a quick & simple project for any level DIY/crafter.

Here's what you'll need:

Epsom Salt (aka snow); mod podge; foam brush, a dish and item to put your snow on. I did 2 square vases left over from my wedding and 2 candles for my mom.

Simply apply the mod podge with the foam brush...don't be fussy, it dries clear. Then sprinkle it with your epsom salt. I thought I would be able to roll the candles but discovered that using my hands was the most effective way to go.

Ta-Da...pretty holiday candles that look like they were dipped in snow! I didn't get any photos of the glass vases because someone woke up from her nap...but I can tell you they look really pretty with the candle glowing inside them...like ice blocks.

I'll be back tomorrow with another craft I recently tackled.


Megan said...

Love these! Holidays are getting so close. Probably can't squeeze them in this year. Definitely filing this idea away for next year.

Bees Wax Candles said...

The snow candles are wonderful. Your DIY examples make it look so easy. You show how to left over candles can be utilized. This is a great way for most people to use these items. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Love it,,,I am going to try it for the holiday!!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea. Am definately going to try it this year. Thank you. Diane

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