felt wreath.

I finally did it. 
I stopped "pinning" and decided to Pinterest Challenge myself. I decided to make a felt wreath. Now there are a lot of pretty DIY felt wreaths out there but some look more for the advanced crafter...a crafter with time. I needed something I could work on in my spare time and seeing that I don't have any spare time...I needed something like this!

Simple yet pretty.

Here is what you'll need:
wooden craft circle thingy (yes that is a technical term); mine is 12"
clear fishing line
a needle

For my felt I wanted to stick somewhat monochromatic and neutral like my Pinterest inspiration wreath. So I went with white, cream, camel and grey.
I ended up using about 28 sheets of felt. (2 trips to the craft store!) They are around .29 cents each.

I cut my felt into roughly 3" squares. Don't be fussy about it either. Perfection is NOT the name of the game here. Once everything was cut I found it easiest to sort my squares by color and as you can see my helper was undoing everything I did.

Thread your needle with the fishing line and grab random amounts and colors of the felt. Repeating a pattern may be cute but I was going for haphazard and random, much like myself. 

Once every square is strung you will have created garland.

Cut and tie off the fishing line and tie the two ends together to create a circle. Make sure it is as tight as you can get it because you don't want any gaps in between the felt.
Now grab your wooden circle crafting thingy and lay it on top of the felt circle. With some more fishing line string it through those holes on the wooden circle and around your felt wreath string.

 Are you still with me? Did I lose you? When I talk in my head to type it makes sense to me but I'm not the best are giving directions, or following them for that matter.

Once you've tied it in a few places flip it right side up and you will now need to fluff and buff your wreath. I had to reform my circle shape a bit and then I fluffed the felt and twisted a few pieces so the ends weren't all lined up.

Tie a pretty ribbon around it. Hang it up. Enjoy.


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