painted curtains.

Yes, you heard me correctly. I have agonized over curtains for Avery's room for about 7 months now. I just couldn't find anything I really liked, that were cool and sophisticated and could grow with her. I think I brought home at least five curtain options to try out. I'd hang them up and hate them so back to the store they'd go.
 Since I can't sew and I love to paint I decided why not paint her curtains. I bought a 2-pack of plan white sailcloth panels from Target for under $20 so I figured if it didn't work out I didn't lose a lot of money.

What you'll need:
- painter's tape 
(the fatter tape is better so when you are rolling on the paint you don't have to worry about getting the unpainted area by accident)
- measuring tape
- pen

I used an ironing board to measure and tape, i was a good height to stand at and work from.


I decided on big horizontal cabana stripes. Since I'm no mathematician I wanted to keep it simple. My panels are 84" long so my stripes are 7" each (making 12 equal stripes...6 painted, 6 unpainted; just in case you couldn't figure that out...hehe)

 Here is the panel all taped off. I measure 7" down and made a few small dots across then followed the dots with the painters tape.
 You need to decide if you want the top stripe to be painted or unpainted then work your way down from there. In my "professional" opinion start with a painted strip. It draws your eye up. Doing that will make your bottom stripe unpainted so if your stripes are a little off no one will notice because it will be down the bottom.

Don't forget that you need to account for the thickness of the tape as part of a stripe. That is why some lines are wider (the ones that will be painted vs. the thinner ones which will remain white.)

Now you're ready to paint! I used regular wall paint (the same paint we painted Avery's crib in and the same paint I painted her free table with!) You could obviously used fabric paint they sell in it little spray bottles too for easy application.
If you are going to roll in on like me use a thin foam roller. A regular roller will collect to much paint as it has a thicker nap.

Here is the panel after rolling on my stripes. I needed 2 coats as the fabric absorbed the paint. After they were hung I saw that I still needed to do a few small touch-ups which I only noticed when the sun was out and came through the curtains.

 A close up of a stripe. I painted on the floor so I could lay the panel out flat.Make sure to put a drop cloth underneath so you can roll off the edges and just in case it seeps through.
After you're done painting pull the tape off immediately. If you let it sit then peel when it is dry, it may pull some of the paint off (same goes for painting walls!)

I will admit I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure if I was going to have any paint that decided to sneak under the tape. So after a quick prayer, with my fingers crossed I started pulling...ahh a clean crisp line!!

Here is the panel all done. As you can see I didn't iron it first. I can't iron to save my life, the husband does all the ironing around here. I figure the wrinkles will work themselves out in time. I do have a steamer if I really want to get fancy.

A close up of the finished stripes. I let them dry over night. They are a little crunchy (as in stiff but they will soften over time)

A close up of them hanging....

and now for the finished product which I couldn't be happier with....

I just love them and so does Avery (she told me!) 
I think they look expensive and stylish and totally the look and feel I was going for. 

You can obviously paint may different patterns and styles on curtains or even use stencils. I definitely think I'll be doing this again and you can't beat the price! Don't be afraid to have fun with it!


kids, trees and candy.

 I took some photos recently of three cousins. Boy are they cute and adventurous but trying to get a 7 month old and a 2 & 4 year old all to sit pretty and look at me and smile at the same time wasn't in this deck of cards.
But that's ok with me and that why I love my zoom lens! I let them run and play and I could be far enough away where they didn't know I was taking pictures of them and they could be themselves. Isn't that what it's all about capturing those moments where your kids are being your kids rather than some stuffy forced photos.
We were in beautiful Newburyport, MA. The kids had a great time watching the boats in the harbor and strolling through the old cobblestone roads!

Showing off his super powers and launching himself off a rock wall...gotta love boys!

I LOVE toothless smiles (on babies that is!) and aren't her eyes just to beautiful!

 In the midst of twirling around, I think she was onto me!

I love this one. What a sweet big brother holding his sisters hand...right before he tries to leap off the rock wall with her! (Good thing mom was there to jump in!)

Taking a time out, just people watching...

I love this one because it looks posed but it wasn't!

Monkey in a tree!

Like I said it was tough trying to get them all to look at me at the same time. I love this because it captures the "behind the scenes" and the goofiness!
At the end of our session we hit up the candy store for some sweet treats...we then realized we should have gone there first!
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