I frequent a few local paint stores to browse their unwanted paints, otherwise known as mistints. For those who aren't familiar most paint stores have a collection of paint cans that people purchased and the color wasn't what they expected or they were tinted incorrectly. It's a great way of getting paint at a great price!
Don't be afraid to ask where you can find the unwanted paints at your local store they are usually anxious to get rid of them. My local spot lets me go behind the register and even in the back room to check out the loot!

I scored a cool green color that I believe they called "Serengeti" and a bold blue called "Whipple Blue". Both for a grand total of $15! I've been dying to paint some furniture in both of these shades so I'm excited to get going!
{side note: make sure to have your shop shake up the can for you...it may have been sitting for awhile.}

I'm also almost finished a hutch I've been slaving over for far to long. I decided to paint the inside and the doors don't come off so it's tough getting in there even with a brush but that's what happens when I have my husband pick up a piece of furniture for me sight unseen...but I know the end result will be great so it's all worth it!

Avery is excited about the Chalkboard Paint we bought too that we're planning on using in a few different spots around the house!


an obsession.

I've come to the conclusion that I have a slight obsession for decorative spheres. I've been "collecting" them over the past few years and every time one comes home with me I get really excited, yes I know that is pretty pathetic.

 My first purchase was the rattan one. I believe it came from the sale bin at Pier 1. Right now it lives on top of my kitchen cabinets with some other decorative things like vintage bins and pottery.

Next was the silver one from TJ Maxx. It is heavy probably supposed to be used as a paper weight but I use it to hold the door open in Avery's room. 
(this summer while the windows were open in the house, she was taking a nap and the wind slammed her door shut...which made a very unhappy baby so the silver ball fixes that!)

Next purchase was the mother of pearl ball from Homegoods. It sits on an end table in the family room. The finials to our curtain panels are a smaller version!
The moss ball I just acquired form Pottery Barn...way in the back of the store on the hidden sale shelf. Regularly $30...I scored it for $5.97! Right now it is still sitting in the bag but I'm pretty sure it will end up in the office once I get that room together!

Another recent purchase was the glass lettered lottery looking balls. I found those at Micheal's crafts for $1 each! I've been keeping an eye out for those ever since I saw them a few months back in a Pottery Barn catalog but knew I'd find them somewhere else for cheaper. Pier 1 actually has them too for $2/each.

 So there you have it...I didn't think I was a "collector" of anything until recently when I noticed around the house I had quite a few decorative spheres. Is there anything different or unique that you collect? Maybe it's something you didn't even realize...

And remember just because you might "collect" a certain thing doesn't mean they all have to "live" together. Yes groupings in odd numbers look nice but if they are larger in scale like mine they can definitely hold there own.


creative wall covering.

I wanted to do a "feature wall" in Avery's room and I wanted it to be just a little different. I decided I would cover the wall in book pages...now I just had to figure out what book. I shopped antique stores and thrift shops looking for something old & worn but nothing really struck me.
One day I was in the check out at TJ Maxx and saw a Shel Silverstein book and a light bulb (in the attic...no pun intended) went on!

So for $12.99 I had my own one of a kind wallpaper. I knew I didn't want to adhere the pages directly to the wall so we had some leftover hardwood flooring paper that I measured and cut to fit the feature wall. I tacked the paper onto the wall with flat thumb tacks that I would cover in pages so when complete you would think it was attached directly to the wall.
I didn't want it perfect so I just started tearing pages out of the book and piecing them together up the wall using decoupage. Some edges clean, some torn.

I would work on it here and there and slowly made my way around the closet doors. I was close to being done and I ran out of book pages...I think I was about 5 short. So I went on to Barnes & Noble and ordered a used book for $1.99 to finish it up!

(a view from Avery's level)

The cool thing about the "wallpaper" is that it is interactive. As we're rocking Avery to sleep we can read her a poem and as she gets older I think it will be fun for her to pick ones to read to us!

I also like that it doesn't jump out at you the creamy white pages blend into the painted walls.

Don't be afraid to get creative there are many things you can use to create your own wallpaper. Things such as maps, music pages and fabrics I think are some cool options.


Shel Silverstein's writing is so creative...and the drawings are amazing too!

And of course Avery had to show off her new wall art!


the princess & the prince.

Meet Isabella. 

age: 3.5
favorite color: pink
loves: fairy princesses, singing & dancing and bossing people around oh and her little brother.

Meet Asher.
age: 9 months
loves: laughing & his doggie
He has cheeks you just can't help but want to squeeze, and that's just what his momma does!

Trying to get the two of them to look at me at the same time..impossible. Looks like something else caught their eye!

 Isabella wanted to show off her dance moves on the bench but she wanted me to turn around and not watch, so I did. I spun back around and snapped her quick...and she scolded me saying "Courtney I told you not to look!"

Performing some sort of magic with her wand, Asher was cheering her on!


He had enough of those shoes but they sure did taste good.

Of course she was rocking some super cute PINK Converse!

Doesn't this just make you melt. Big sister showing love for  her little brother.


no excuses and curtain dilemma.

I have been a very bad blogger lately....but at least I have a cute excuse! Speaking of cute excuses I have come to a crossroads with Avery's curtains.
I bought some plain gray grommet curtains at Target awhile back... a 2-pack for $25 you can't beat it! Since they were plain I wanted to spruce them up a bit so I bought some trim.

I stitched it on by hand. I do have a sewing machine but haven't the faintest clue on how to even thread the thing.

I finished one and hung it up...what a big disappointment! Cute, yes but Blah with a capital B! I'm lacking pattern and texture in her room everything is solid...I need a little boost! I'm not even a pink person...this train has totally steered off the tracks!

 I have a damask-like stencil that I made a few years ago. I was thinking maybe using fabric paint and painting the gray curtains with it.

I did a test run with some paint I had on hand and an old sheet. I definitely need a more even roll but I like the idea. So I'm going to get some paint and give it a shot...

Worst case it turns into a disaster and I'm back to the drawing board. I've realized I need to get the whole picture together as to how I see her room and go from there rather than jumping all over the board. Poor girl will be in college by the time I get her room complete!

I found the room picture (from Ideal Home in the UK) and I think I have a jumping off point. It's funny because I made a "baby design board" before we had Avery and it was creams & whites with pops of teal...goes to show you stick with your first choice! I think I may repaint Avery's stick chandelier (shhhh don't tell Jeff!) Luckily I've learned how to hang & wire a light so I might just do it when he is not home!

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