it's officially fall.

It's already that time of year again when the leaves start to change and the air is cool & crisp. I do love fall, really I do...I just don't like the season that comes after it we won't mention "it's" name though. This past weekend we brought Avery apple picking for the first time. She loved it...there were so many new things for her to see.

So we were off...




The farm!

All strapped in to our stroller ready for action!

Of course we had to have a photo opp on the hay bales...and then we checked out the animals.

There were goats

and alpacas... or lamas I'm not quite sure the difference.

"Tina eat!"
(Napoleon Dynamite reference!)

Oh no Daddy is trying to feed me to the animals!

No, just getting a closer look at the baby cow!

Next stop, the orchards...

I of course never wear the appropriate shoes for anything we do and I always get a comment from the husband...style over appropriateness my dear!

A pile of old orchard branches, I though it looked cool.

We found an Avery sized apple!

Mmmm, Mmmm good!

A little balancing act, what a talent!

And some fun under the trees!

Oh a whole bin of apples, we must stick our baby in it for some photos!

She wasn't sure what to do!

Oh found one!

And we're drooling on the apples okay that's enough!

We got back to the car and though our apple bag looked a little more empty than before...I think I figured out why...


long time no blog.

Hey. Sorry for the blogging hiatus! We were out of town for a wedding so I've just been trying to catch up on things around here! I have a bunch of cool projects that I'm trying to wrap up but having a 5 month old that only takes 45 minute naps which makes things a little difficult to get completed! She is lucky she is super cute... and she has almost mastered sitting up all by herself...see!

You just need a quick set of hands to catch her as she occasionally topples over!

Anywho a sneak "peek" of some projects I've been working on and anxious to share with you soon:

- A unique bookcase redo
- A not-so-typical feature wall
- A drapery panel quick fix
- And my very first painted hutch!

Tonight I just wanted to show off some cool artwork that we have hanging in Avery's room. I'm not really into "baby" art, I like pieces that can grow with her! I found the following piece of art in NYC last summer from a street vendor outside the MET.

It is actually a NYC Subway map that has been spray painted & silkscreened with a NY skyline...isn't it cool! The artist had tons of different color variations and a few different images to choose from. I stuck with the "black & white" because I loved it but wasn't sure which room I was going to put it in at the time so I wanted to stay neutral.

The cool thing about the "art" is that it folds up, so I was able to stick it in my purse which came in handy when I was hunting for a frame! I finally found something that somewhat fit it at HomeGoods. I just removed the matte board & it was a quick fix rather that paying to get it professionally framed which I looked into but it was costly.

Here is a close up...you can see the actually subway map faint in the background. I hope Avery will enjoy it as much as I do and I can't wait to take her on her first trip to NYC one day!


3 little bears.

No words to describe how cute these 3 are! The two little ones are twins!

They all get along with each other so well! I have tons of great shots I am currently navigating through but here is a sneak peek... I'll be sure to show some more once I get through everything!

The cool older brother.

Her middle name should be monkey. While I was taking pictures of her brothers she was climbing everything in sight! (see the berry she plucked off a bush in her hand! This was the first shot of the day and her hands were turning red from her squeezing it so I had her hand it off to mom until we were done!)

This little man sure knows how to pose...I didn't need to tell him a thing!

A lot of these shots were taken outside the little antique shop I recently found where I got my metal box!!

If you look back at the pictures you'll see all the stuff they have outside of the shop! Can you imagine what the inside looks like!


one of my favorite 4 letter words.

FREE! of course.
I was out doing errands one day with my husband & Avery when I gasped! Startling my husband I excitedly explained how he must turn around because I spotted a cute little table sitting on a lonely sidewalk. Like a wonderful husband he obliged...I hopped out of the car (I'm surprised he didn't drive away!) and scooped up this pretty little thing which I knew would be perfect in Avery's room!

I needed a little side table for next to the chair in her room and the spindle pedestal of the table matched her crib! (which I found on craigslist for $100 and of course painted it!)

I had some left over Grey Paint so I gave the little table a few coats and some light distressing to give it a worn in look.

I love the mini shelf it has down below as well! (pardon the mauve chair circa 1990's...it is the cutest mini wing back that I have on my list to reupholster but for now it is what it is...)

Isn't it just too cute!


little man with style.

I recently did a photo shoot with the cutest little man! He is 8 but sure knows how to work the camera...

Check out his super cool kicks!

He has great light eyes that really pop on camera!

Last but not least one of my favorites.

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