sydney... but not australia.

One of my friends who I've known all my life... as in we used to go back to school shopping together, buy matching outfits and then call each other in the morning to coordinate our looks (we were in first grade mind you!)...has an adorable 5 year old daughter, Sydney.

These are a few of my favorites...

Oh, the life of a five year old...

And I'l leave you with this!

a chair pair.

Side chairs, they hold may purposes. Additional seating around the dinner table, tucked into a corner of the living room for a quick grab to provide more seating for guests and even in the bedroom to use when getting ready in the morning or better known in my bedroom as the clothing catch-all... There are a lot more options out there besides the classic folding metal chair. Don't be afraid to be bold + creative!

Recently i scored this cute pair. A little old and worn, yes but I loved the detailing on the backs.

No there isn't a sack race taking place in my yard just showing off the steal I found at Building 19 1/20 or 1/8 or whatever it was... I found these coffee bean burlap sacks for $1 each!

Okay away we go...

First thing I did was remove the old seat cushions with a screw driver, easy peasy.
I painted the chairs white and distressed them to give them antique like feel.

You know how they say water will never boil if you watch it...same goes for paint. So while that was drying and doing its thing I started on refacing the seat cushions.

Meet Grandma's fabric. Most fabric is either attached by staples or upholstery nails. I found it was easiest to remove them using a flat head screw driver and pliers for those pesky ones!

Sometimes when you remove a fabric you find another fabric....

And sometimes, I mean sometimes you are as lucky as I was to find 2 layers!

I do have to mention I didn't do this job alone I did have 2 assistants looking on...

Okay so once all that hoopla was off I played around with the coffee bean sack to figure out what part I wanted as the cushion. Once I figured that out I cut the sack larger than the seat so I had extra material for stapling. If you use writing like I did just make sure it is centered and straight!

Simply reattached the seat cushions and you have some cool accent chairs you can use anywhere in your house!



So I have this best friend and she has an older sister with an adorable daughter, Emma. Although they no longer live in New England, I try and photograph her whenever they are in town.

Grandma + Grandpa bought her cowboy boots so we had to dress her up Texas style per their request...

I love baby feet!

These were taken when Emma was 3 months old. Look at those big blue eyes and don't you just love the tutu!
Emma is now a year + a half and I have plenty more pictures of her to share so stay tuned!

take 2.

Did you know I refinish furniture! It is fun taking something old and giving it a new life!

I sell my pieces as well as refinish your pieces...let me know if there is anything you are interested in!


That's a nickname I gave my little girl. Her official name is Avery Sawyer. She is now almost 4 months old but lets start at the beginning shall we...

These are some shots I did of her when she was 2 weeks old...

"the nights are long but the days are short"
oh how true...

Enjoy! There is plenty more where that came from.

and so it begins.

Today is the official launch of Reckless Glamour Photography & Design. I am a natural light, on location photographer specializing in children and babies I also have a love for all things design.
I look forward to sharing with you my adorable clients and my decorating muses, oh and did I mention we have a new baby and I'm always getting myself into some sort of home decorating + renovating projects.
Enjoy the ride...
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