diy garland.

Our tree is filled with ornaments that all have a story. Every year it is fun opening up the boxes and hanging them because it brings you back to who gave it to you, what it means and why. This year, after all the ornaments were hung our tree was still missing something...garland! So I decided to make some. A bit unusual but I wouldn't have it any other way now would I!

I remember when I was little we always put tinsel on our Christmas tree...do they still even make tinsel? I think garland has come a long way from shiny string and popcorn. I really love trees that fit a person's home. The go with the decor and add interest.

So here is what I did. I grabbed some twine and remember Avery's Shel Silverstein wall I had some leftover pages from the book....can you see where this is going?

I tore out some pages and ripped them into smaller rectangles (4 per page)


 Remember those Chinese fortunes you used to make in school with the numbers and colors...that's what this reminded me of. I took the paper and just haphazardly folded it together, it kind of looked like a flower.

Here are a few of them grouped together.

I took my paper crumples and knotted them with the twine...I spaced them a few inches apart.

Once completed I strung it around the tree! I love the mix of the paper and twine with the real tree...all natural things!

If this isn't your cup of tea, there are plenty of other things you can make your own garland with; ribbon, shells, branches, beads...virtually anything just look around your house and I'm sure you'll find something unique.


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