creative wall covering.

I wanted to do a "feature wall" in Avery's room and I wanted it to be just a little different. I decided I would cover the wall in book pages...now I just had to figure out what book. I shopped antique stores and thrift shops looking for something old & worn but nothing really struck me.
One day I was in the check out at TJ Maxx and saw a Shel Silverstein book and a light bulb (in the attic...no pun intended) went on!

So for $12.99 I had my own one of a kind wallpaper. I knew I didn't want to adhere the pages directly to the wall so we had some leftover hardwood flooring paper that I measured and cut to fit the feature wall. I tacked the paper onto the wall with flat thumb tacks that I would cover in pages so when complete you would think it was attached directly to the wall.
I didn't want it perfect so I just started tearing pages out of the book and piecing them together up the wall using decoupage. Some edges clean, some torn.

I would work on it here and there and slowly made my way around the closet doors. I was close to being done and I ran out of book pages...I think I was about 5 short. So I went on to Barnes & Noble and ordered a used book for $1.99 to finish it up!

(a view from Avery's level)

The cool thing about the "wallpaper" is that it is interactive. As we're rocking Avery to sleep we can read her a poem and as she gets older I think it will be fun for her to pick ones to read to us!

I also like that it doesn't jump out at you the creamy white pages blend into the painted walls.

Don't be afraid to get creative there are many things you can use to create your own wallpaper. Things such as maps, music pages and fabrics I think are some cool options.


Shel Silverstein's writing is so creative...and the drawings are amazing too!

And of course Avery had to show off her new wall art!


Sarah said...

Hey, you!!! Sorry, I owe you a longer email or something, but I had to comment on this!!! Its amazing!!! Soooo cool. Man, I'm jealous...I gotta do this somewhere in our house eventually. Awesome! It looks so good and I love how you said its "interactive". What a great idea:)

Sarah said...

Ps. Avery is so cute! Love that she's wearing a hoodie:)

Lori B said...

I absolutely love this!!

casey at loft and cottage said...

I am blown away by how pretty this looks! And how easy it sounds! Love your idea to use the hardwood flooring paper so that this decor is temporary--I am fickle and always changing my mind about how I want my house to look. But I love how this turned out. Thx for sharing!

decorating diva {aka deanna} said...

that is so cute, and yet sophisticated! love it!

Aroura said...

Wow!!! Super creative and so classy! I love it!!! Thanks for sharing!

Jamie Marie said...

This is such a great clever idea! Where the sidewalk ends is a childhood favorite of mine and I think I am going to have to be a copy cat and do this in my entry way of my house. Its going to be a conversation starter for sure. Thanks so much! Your blog is so inspiring.

leahmariev said...

I love this! Would you recommend using something besides hardwood floor paper if you didn't have that on hand? I want to do this in my guest room/office - great idea!

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