salvaged oak dresser.

First piece of 2014!

I've been busy but back at it...and lots of changes to come in 2014, so stay tuned!

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library dresser.

New to the shop!


new items added to the shop!

More to come this week!



Hey Friends!
I have a new piece for the shop!

be back soon with updates.



happy birthday mom.

Today is my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday mom!

She had mentioned to me in the past she wanted me to refinish a little pine end table they had in the family room. It had seen better days. I'm sure she thinks I forgot she had mentioned it but nope I had plans!

Enter the before: the top was all worn down and the legs dinged up.

I snuck the table out and gave it a much needed boost!

The room is pretty neutral with pops of navy so I decided to paint the base navy (yes I'm in my blue phase right now) and refinish the top to a darker richer stain.

Ahhh! So much better!

Avery helped me with the first coat. She actually did really well. I told her I'd consider putting her on the payroll.

Happy Birthday Mom, hope you like it!

p.s. mom if you find spelling errors in this post (because you always do) take the night off it is your birthday!


Avery Cabinet re-done.

The "Avery Cabinet" is up in the shop!

It got a fresh coat of blue paint with some nautical inspired numbers for a little something extra.

I tested out the Elmer's Glue trick and it worked pretty good. If you don't know the trick it's supposed to give paint a crackle finish.
All you have to do is paint the glue on pretty thick and let it dry a little until it's tacky then go over it with paint.
I used the navy as my base coat and went over it with white then once it was dry did a dry brush over the white with more blue to tone it down a bit an give it a more wore look.
If you want to try it out I suggest working in small sections at a time because the glue dries quickly.

The inside of the antique wardrobe is all cedar with a hanging bark up top. I used it to store crafts and things in it. I hung velcro cubbies from the top bar for more vertical storage.

Happy Friday Everyone!


furniture snap shots.

It seems the days are flying by and my schedule has been so packed I just haven't had the time to share any furniture lately and I've been painting up a storm.

Sadly I haven't had the time to properly style and photograph anything. Which is one of my favorite parts of this little biz!
*spoiler alert:
priming and sanding aren't one of my favorite parts but it goes with the gig :)

If you follow me on Instagram (Averybird24) you may know we recently upgraded our trailer to an enclosed 5x10. We've already done one delivery/pick up with it and can I just tell you it has been amazingness! My darling husband redid all the plywood on the inside and got tracks so we can just strap things right to the walls!
And in this crazy New England weather it allows us to do deliveries no matter what!

Okay so back to the furniture here are some pictures of a few items we just delivered last week. I'm ashamed they are taken with my phone in peoples driveways but flying by the seat of my pants seems to be how things are going lately.

This dresser got some fresh navy blue paint
(I know you can't really tell by the photo but it's a rich classy navy)!

I was going for a more nautical feel I think because the color is called Hale Navy (by Ben Moore if you're wondering). I went with it and got some really cool weather wood carved knobs and one of my go to brushed nickel cup pulls. 

I've been working with a lot of pregnant mommas to be lately. This first project was a dresser and nightstand for a little girls room. From what I've seen; the crib, the rug, the wall color...the room is gonna look amazing!
I told my client I'll have to grab some photos of the completed space but in the meantime here's the furniture. I grabbed a shot right before we rolled it into the trailer so I could email it to her at work.
She was excited and wasn't going to be home for the delivery...of the furniture not her baby :)

Soft white dresser and nightstand to go with the white crib. Light distressing around the edges and per request brushed pulls (look familiar?) and glass knobs. The glass knobs are really pretty the almost look like pinecones.

The nightstand has a little cubby and the babies room is going to have soft touches of light blue and pink so I found a blue in the same color way as the pink walls and popped the inside with it. Just a little fun touch of whimsy.
I'm still on the hunt for a tall bookcase to finish off the nursery!

This next piece was picked up a few weeks ago along with a king headboard & footboard that I didn't grab a shot of. Again phone pic in the horrible basement lights.
(hanging my head in shame)

This guy got sanded down to natural wood and re-stained on the top and a cream base with light distressing and original hardware per the clients request. The bed got a matching paint finish.

I have the newly painted "Avery" Cabinet finished just have to grab some shots and I promise they won't be with my phone!

So sorry for not sharing in a while I'm really trying to work on putting together a better "schedule" for myself and my goals. Speaking of goals I started a list last night of some thoughts and ideas I'd like to tackle with my business, the blog etc. 

I'll share that soon but in the meantime if anyone has any suggestions on what they like, what they don't like what you want to see more of or not so much of please, please share!

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